Best dog Beds For Pitbulls

Best dog Beds For Pitbulls. Pit bulls make excellent companions and love to be part of their families, as owners know well. A comfy, soft bed for your affectionate and boisterous pit bull can be an undertaking, so you should consider a few things before settling in.

You need to choose a large and sturdy bed so that it can resist your pit bull’s tendency to chew destructively. Additionally, you should ensure that it provides the proper support and assistance if your pitbull faces health issues.

A pit bull bed is a necessity for your beloved dog. But choosing the right one may be challenging due to so many factors. In this guide, we’ll show you our top 05 picks for pitbull beds tailored specifically to their needs.

What should be in any dog bed

Before going to the main material, it is very important to understand some key factors that any dog owner wants in the dog bed. Some of them will be discussed here.

Best matches with your dog’s sleeping style:

Every dog has its own sleeping style, some may sleep on their side, some roll on the bed, and some on the back. So for them, you need a large dog bed in size whether it will be roundish or square.

Some pet owners generally like small oval or round beds with a safety bolster to help them feel secure.

Must have an appropriate size of bed:

For buying a proper size dog bed, it is a must to read the given size charts by the manufacturers and choose the accurate one. one negative aspect is that these guidelines are mostly based on weight, instead of height and length. So there should be an error in measurements and the size may not be correct.

In conclusion, the better way to measure the accurate size of your dog bed is, when they are sleeping.  Keep the few inches spare to accommodate more perfectly.

Choose the bed that fulfills cushion requirements:

The basic reason to provide a dog bed is to make them more comfortable when they sleep. So make sure that cushion provides them with a soft and relaxing sleep. For this, it is better to buy a dog bed made from memory foam, that is mostly 4″ inches in thickness.

Do not buy dog beds with attached covers:

It’s up to you how you keep your dog clean. You have to need to wash your dog matters cover regularly to remove dandruff, dander, dirt, and the main thing, saliva coating.

5 Best Dog beds for Pitbulls

Carefully choose the bed when you are choosing a dog bed for Pitbulls. It is must be carefully planned that which of the bed you are going to buy and for what reason you are buying the pitbull dog bed. Choose the heavy-duty, chew-resistant, and scratchproof bed for your pitbull.

Here are the best beds for Pitbulls.

1.K9 Ballistics Chew-proof Dog Bed-Best pitbull bed under $60

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  • Indestructible and chew-proof.
  • Elevated structure for joints and stress relief.
  • Use in the crate or separately.
  • 120 days chew-proof authentic warranty.
  • Long-lasting and comfortable.
  • For crate use, you have to take accurate and correct measurements.
  • It squeaks and groans when used.

K9 Ballistics chew-proof bed is a highly recommended dog bed for Pitbulls. The reason to recommend this bed is only that they are made especially for Pitbulls. These Pitbull beds are the most durable beds for Pitbulls that are available in the market. This dog bed is not different but you can consider it as an indestructible dog bed for heavy chewers.

Additionally, to add more comfort for your pitbull, it has been made with an elevated structure. It is specially made for those Pitbulls who suffer from joint pain. A wide range of colors and sizes are available.

Cozy and soft fabric:

The fabric of this bed makes it cozier than others. The stretch in the fabric is enough for your Pitbull to cozy up on it. You can use it in their crate and separately for their own as well. The frame of this pitbull bed is made of aluminum that comes with the corner bumpers.

in addition, the fabric used to make this bed is waterproof. It would not stain or absorb and did not hold the odors. The bed is not only chew-proof, but it is also indestructible. The k9 Ballistics chew-proof dog is worth every penny to enjoy the benefits. You can feed your dog on the bed because it is stained and waterproof.

Anti-rip-proof and slightly padded:

The uniqueness of this pitbull bed is that it is anti-rip-proof and slightly elevated in the structure. The bed is not heavily padded or fluffy but the material used is highly supportive and full of comfort. All of these qualities make this bed the best bed for Pitbulls.

2.K9 Ballistics Tough Dog bed-Best Dog beds for Pitbulls

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  • anti-rip design.
  • Comfortable and sleek design.
  • Best for dog crate use.
  • Chew proof warranty for 4 months (120 days).
  • Strong against chewing and digging.
  • A single-minded and strong chewer will find their way easily to chew this.
  • The company will just give you a replacement warranty only for the one time.

Another best product by K9 is Ballistics tough dogs bed. This is the best indestructible dog bed available in the market. The K9 Ballistics dog bed is not fancy and has no bells and other decorations. The comfortness is up to the mark and the tear-resistant quality is awesome. We recommend the large or extra-large size beds but other sizes are also available as well.

Specially designed for Pitbulls:

You can choose a color from blue, black, green and tan. The available colors will obviously match any color you have of your interior. The anti-rip beds are specially designed for those Pitbulls who are bed chewers. You can use this bed in the crate as well.

It is a comfortable bed but a tough one. The overall profile of this bed is slim but the ripstop material makes it long last. In addition, it is easy to clean and it sits fit in the crate without occupying free spaces.

Washable in the machine:

The K9 ballistics bed for Pitbull is washable in a machine and can be washed without any problem. Your dog will be comfortable and will not tear up the bed so hurry. In addition, there are no zippers in the bed so it could not hurt your Pitbull puppy.

3.K&H Cooling Comfort Bed-Best Orthopedic bed for Pitbulls

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  • Build for orthopedic problems.
  • Designed for large dogs.
  • No electrical power requirement.
  • Build with non-toxic gel.
  • Cooling comfort design.
  • Color is not permanent.
  • The blue color looks like bleeding when it is wet.
  • Water filling is manual.

The K&H comfort bed comes in large size of 32 x 44 inches. This dog bed smoothly provides your dog a comfortable lifestyle in a way of fashion. You can buy this bed in any size but it has been mostly seen that pitbull fits on the only larger sizes. A bright blue color looks very nice.

Comfortable and cozy:

In the hot days of summer, your dog will never feel the heat when he or she will sleep for a long duration. The cooling comfort feature of this bed helps your pitbull a lot when they play for a long session and want to take a long rest. In addition, they will be more comfortable and cozy. Moreover, the cooling layer will actually help your dog with aches or pain relief.

Designed for Orthopedic patient dogs:

This bed is specially designed for orthopedic. It means that it is supportive in big ages, hips, joints, and bones pain and, more. Sometimes Pitbulls have arthritis or sometimes hip dysplasia and this bed will help them for comfort, for sure. If your dog is the worst chewer, don’t worry the insides of this bed are non-toxic for your Pitbull puppy.

To keep this bed comfortable, you have to add water for extra cooling comfort and padding. It is best for those dogs who suffer from skin allergies.

4. MAXX dog bed-Best dog bed for Metal Crates

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  • Easily washable in the washing machine.
  • Well suited for a proper size dog crate.
  • 1-year full warranty is available.
  • It comes in a 22 x 48 inches large size.
  • Ideal design with comfort and durability.
  • Anti-skid bed with bottom grip.
  • If your dog is a heavy chewer then this bed will not survive for a long duration.

The Maxx dog bed is specially designed to keep in a crate. This dog bed for Pitbulls gives your long a long time of comfort inside the crate. No matter, what material of crate should be, according to us this bed is good for a metal crate. Don’t worry you can use this bed outside the crate as well. The measurements of this Pitbull dog bed fit with certain sizes of crates. It comes with a low range of colors in multiple sizes.

Our experience with this product:

The design of this Pitbull bed is heavy duty and we have this one for our Pitbull. I want to mention the quality of this bed is very very good. It is still in the condition as we have bought it and has not been chewed yet. We bought it about 7 months ago. We have this bed in black color but you can choose from red, black, camo and blue.

Made with fresh polyester:

The padding of this best bed for Pitbulls is thin but it doesn’t mean that it is not comfortable. This bed is specially made with pure and fresh polyester and it is highly comfortable. The Maxx dog bed provides comfortable cushioning to your dog. This bed is washable, you can wash this bed in the washing machine with ease.

In addition, the bed is resistant to water, stains, and odors. This pitbull bed is comfortable as well as it is tough against chewing or digging. Its material is rough and tough so your dog can’t chew it. In addition, the border walls play the role of a comfortable pillow so your dog can rest for a long time on it.

5. Furry Baby Dog Bed Mat-Best dog bed for Pitbull puppy

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  • Made with micro-suede material.
  • Multiple colors and sizes.
  • Design is simple and durable.
  • super soft and supports joint pain.
  • It is handmade.
  • This bed is not chew-proof as others on the list are.
  • Not fully non-skid and somehow slides around slightly.

The best option for the bed of your pitbull puppy is a Furry baby dog bed mat. This bed is very soft and highly resistant to chewing. The bed for the Pitbull puppy is thin, soft, and smart as opposed to thick and fluffy so your Pitbull will be less want to chew it. The furry baby bed will provide full comfort to your dog without using over or excessive space. According to the research, Pitbull dogs are less likely to chew these kinds of flatbeds.

Budget-friendly product:

The price of this bed is so high and if you are looking for a light on the budget bed then I think this is the best option for you. This will never make you ashamed in front of your dog. Different sizes are available and you can choose from them. Most of the sizes are coordinated with some specific crates sizes.

Made with micro-suede material:

The color range for this dog bed is not vast but you can choose it from the given five colors. The colors are gray, blue, pink, red, and brown. The colors are basic and simple so you can choose one from them which fits the best. The externally used fabric material is super soft. It feels like a micro-suede material that is originally very much soft to touch and will be relaxing for your Pitbull puppy.

Non-skid and heavy-duty:

The bed is non-skid as always all the beds are. The bottom of this bed is made with non-slippery material so it would not slide around. The overall quality of this bed is great because it is handmade. This dog bed is a heavy-duty dog bed, it also provides joint supports and a soft surface for a long duration of rest.


In the end, I want to conclude the whole article in some words. Most of the Pitbulls can be heavy chewers or can be a bad scratchers. They mostly heavily chew when they are alone in their crates. So every Pitbull owner needs an anti-rip, durable, and powerfully built bed for your Pitbull. So only for that reason, we have made a list of these 5 Best dog beds for Pitbulls.







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