Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are similar in size to most huskies and German Shepherds, so looking for a perfect crate for your Golden pup might be challenging because not all of them may be as durable and comfortable as they claim.

The crate size range is the must thing to consider while searching for the best dog crate for Golden Retrievers because they come in the category of in-between-size ranges where they are too small for a giant crate but too big for a smaller one. An ideal dog crate would be taller and wider enough to allow your dog to stretch his body freely without damaging his body

A dog crate is a dog’s bed and sanctuary usually made of plastic, metal, or wooden material that is wider and taller enough for a dog to lay down with stretched arms. If correctly and humanely used, it provides confinement to your pet for reasons of safety, security, safer travel, house training, and protection from destructive behavior.

The dog crate is the most effective, quickest, and least stressful tool to inculcate desired behavior in dogs. Although novice dog owners reject the idea of having a dog crate for their Golden Retrievers because they consider it unfair, like other animals it is necessary to satisfy the instincts of dogs to be in a den.

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Benefits of using Crates for Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers often do well in their crate if trained since puppyhood, however during crate training your Golden pup, still needs a lot of human contacts to learn to form relationships and positive social behaviors. According to expert dog trainers, crate training is a good way to teach your pet proper boundaries and behavior at home. Following are the benefits associated with using dog crates for Golden Retrievers.

Sense of safety and security

Like other animals dogs also have denning instinct and dog crates provide a sense of safe space to Golden Retrievers when he is feeling stressed or tired and need some downtime. When a dog is in his crate, he is out of bounds for any human interaction and must be left alone.

Children must be taught to not disturb the dogs when they are in their comfort zone. Your dogs can enjoy the privacy and security of a den of their own and it helps them to overcome the feeling of fear, anxiety, confusion, or stress.

Help to cope with Emergency Situations

Crate training can all benefit in one way or another and gives novice dog owners greater peace of mind. It allows you to evacuate your pets efficiently during an emergency. To cope with emergencies, your dog must have to be crate trained to stay in safe vicinity with its owners.

Protects House Possessions from Damage

It is a bonus to have your dog in his crate when you are not available to supervise him. As a busy bee, you could not supervise him every time and Golden Retrievers can be caught themselves in trouble by being underfoot. Seeing your golden retriever sitting safely and peacefully in his crate when you return home from your job will give you peace of mind.

Easy and Safe Travel

During long-distance travels or vacation, crate travel is the far safer way for both the owner and the pup instead of having him get injured during the travel. Crate training makes the long car rides and air transport safer and more pleasant for both humans and Golden Retrievers. It allows the dogs to sit, lay down and sleep without distracting the driver.

It avoids the use of sedatives for your dogs during air travels since the vet warns that sedation can increase the risk of heart and respiratory problems in dogs. Crate training allows you to be more convenient in taking your Golden retrievers on family trips and gathering instead of leaving them alone behind.

Peaceful Vet Visits

If your dog ever needs to be observed overnight at the vet’s, he would be less scared and stressed when he is confined in his safer place inside his crate. He can run straight to his crate if he has already been crate trained. Dog Crates help you to protect your household when you cannot supervise your pets due to your busy routine.

Toilet Training

Dog crates help to teach Golden Retrievers to the toilet inappropriate places and at appropriate times. A properly sized crate would assist you in teaching your pet bladder and bowel control. Crate training allows the dogs to hold their bladder while they are in their crates. It saves you from frequent clean-up practices. It also teaches the dogs to associate elimination only with the outdoors.

Saves the dog from Harmful substances

Dogs love chewing objects. If you left your dog unsupervised, it may ingest something poisonous or dangerous. A dog crate therefore can be a useful tool to protect Golden retrievers from harmful substances.

Apart from the size range, you should also consider material, quality, durability, and cost. Read on the review of the 10 best Dog Crates to pick the Best Dog Crate for your Golden Retriever.

1.MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate – Best folding dog crate

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  • Easy to lump together.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Perfect size for all dogs.
  • One wall is unable to latch.

If you want to facilitate your dog with a completely equipped crate, MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is the best choice for you with multiple accessories, features, and, characteristics that provides your dog convenience and easiness.

Easy to set up and durable

The durability of this crate is on another level and installation is just like a breeze; smooth and gentle. You can easily set the entire crate up according to your dog’s size. The design of this crate for golden retrievers is sturdy enough to provide safety to you and your dog by lessening the sharp corners or sides of the crate.

Size selection is your choice

Well, another creative feature of this crate is a divider that helps you to choose the size of the crate according to your dog. It means that you can suppress or extend the size of the crate according to your dog’s size and change it with time when needed.

Lock the crate at your place

The crate is provided with two-bolt latches that will be able to lock your crate up in the place you have chosen to put your dog’s crate on. It will help to fix your crate at a point and tends your crate not to move when your dog hang around in the crate.

2. New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate – Best folding crates for dogs

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  • Worth paying.
  • Locking system present.
  • Less space occupied.
  • Maximum strength and stiffness.
  • Easy to pull together.
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty.
  • More energy utilizing.
  • Not suitable for large breeds.

Another hot pick we have selected for you is New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate. It is one of the safest and best crates you can buy for your golden retriever dog. Quality is guaranteed. The accessories and manufacturing are on the point.

The locking panels, moderate size range, and collapsing ability of the crate make it more preferable over the other crates. Not only is that but the wire connection in the crate developed simple straightforward. You can take this amazing crate on a tour with you too because of its ability to cover only a small space.

This incredible crate provides your dog with proper prominence and aeration. The corners are designed in a round-shaped way so that the dog will be safe and does not get hurt at all while playing around.

Doors are variable

The manufacturers of this metal crate add two different features in the crate and you can choose the option which is best suited to you. You can choose either a single door or double door crate for your dog.

Ultimate manufacturing design

The mixed-use of plastic and metal together for the production of this crate as a whole is just commendable. Some parts of this crate are made up of plastic that needs to be flexible while some other parts of the crate that need strength and stiffness are developed by the metal.

Fold to assemble

The crate is designed to fold easily and in a well-organized manner. There is no need for any tool for assembling the crate. You can do his easy task with your hands only. In this way, you can save your place more by covering it up in less space of your home being occupied. The storage of this crate is stress-free afterward.

Multiple sizes to choose

This crate is available in five different sizes depending on the weight and breed of different dogs. You can choose your required one by selecting the crate according to the weight of your golden retriever. Even this crate can accommodate the smallest to largest dogs in it without any reluctance.

Strong plastic pan

A strong and stiff plastic pan is placed at the bottom of the crate that is easy to attach by using the wire connection. However, it is so convenient to remove the plastic pan from its place and clean it whenever it is needed.

3. Precision Pet Two-Door Great Crate – Best safe dog crate

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  • Locking system for safety.
  • Good for traveling.
  • Good quality manufacturing.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Move around the house.
  • Not easy to divide.

Moving to the next, we have Precision Pet Two-Door Great Crate for your golden retrievers with iron manufacturing and is highly recommended for medium dogs. It provides your dog safety and convenience at the same time. The accessories this astonishing crate is providing your dog are just praiseworthy.

Removable pan at the bottom

Similarly, like the new world folding crate, this crate also has a plastic pan that can be attached at the bottom and you can remove it anytime you need to do the washing of the pan for cleaning purposes. In this way, you can clean up your dog’s crate easily without any need of washing the pan within the crate.

Multiple lock system

This crate has almost five lock systems present at the bottom of the crate beneath the plastic pan. This lock system tends to lock your dog’s crate at a place so that it will not move even when your dog is hanging around in the crate. Also, two locks are present on the door to secure your golden retriever.


Well, our golden retrievers also love to hang around with us but it is quite inconvenient for them if they don’t have any place to rest. So, the crate manufacturers added the collapsibility in the crate for taking it along with you on your tours with your dog.
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4. ZENY Double Door Folding Metal Dog or Pet Crate Kennel – Best crate for medium-size Golden Retrievers 

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  • Easy to fix.
  • Easy to move.
  • Multiple additional accessories.
  • Good for crate teaching.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easily bend.
  • Doors open easily.

The next best crate product we have shortlisted for you is ZENY Double Door Folding Metal Dog or Pet Crate Kennel. It is categorized as one of the best crates; made up of metal, contains two doors for your golden retrievers and enough space for your medium-sized dogs. You can also fix up the space according to your dog’s size.

Unique design to impress

This incredible crate is designed in such a well-developed manner that keeps your dog from being messy, provides protection to your dog, and facilitates him with more space to hang and play around in the crate. Two doors are provided for ease and safety.

Easy to fold and store

The manufacturers prepared this crate in such a flexible way that makes it easy to fold or stretch whenever or wherever it needs to be. Moreover, due to its flexibility, you will find it more convenient to store or you can collapse it for take it on a tour with your dog.

Additional accessories for proficiency

A carrying handle, metal-bolt latches, and round edges are provided with the packaging to adjust the crate according to your place and requirements. These attachments also help you to fix your crate properly.

5. BestPet Large Dog Crate Kennel – Best crate for large size Golden Retrievers 

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  • Perfect for large weight dogs.
  • Can put two medium dogs together.
  • Divider for choosing a breed.
  • Affordable price.
  • Metal bending.
  • Bolt latches are loose.

Another addition to this ultimate category of the best crates for golden retrievers is BestPet Large Dog Crate Kennel which is called ‘Perfect’ by the reviewers. It is designed for dogs of all sizes from smallest to largest. Also, it is available at an affordable price that you will not regret having this product for your dog.

Best stretching power

Collapsibility is the feature that must be present in the crate for facilitating yourself at ease for folding and stretching it up. So, the crate manufacturers added the collapsibility in the crate that makes it possible to take your dog’s crate along with your dog to any hangout or tour.

Safety is surety

There are two metal-bolt latches given with the package so that you can easily lock your dog up in the crate. It tends to provide safety and security to your golden retriever.

Comes with resilience

This crate is durable enough to work efficiently for a longer time. The manufacturers coat the entire crate with black paint that is rust-resistant, thus protects your crate from rusting for years. The wires are made with low-carbon steel to provide safety and strength at the same time.

6. Life Stages LS-1642 Single Door Folding Crate – Best for all large breeds

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  • Protected corners.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Single door folding.
  • Choose size according to dog’s breed.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Bars can bend.

Life Stages LS-1642 Single Door Folding Crate is considered for large dogs including golden retrievers. It comes with a simple straightforward metal connection that connects the whole crate in a balanced way. The divider is also added in this crate to use the crate according to the size of the dog and change accordingly.

Quality speaks louder than quantity

The reviewers of this incredible crate are in thousands and all of them assure one thing that is the quality of the crate. The manufacturers develop this crate so impeccable that it can run for years without any rusting or breaking down. The wires used in this crate are heavy enough to not break easily.

Removable plastic tray

Like all other top-rated, best crates for golden retrievers, this crate also contains a removable plastic tray that can be attached for the dog’s use and sitting. Meanwhile, you can remove this plastic tray to clean it properly so that the dog will move around in the crate safely and steadily.

Single door folding

This crate comes with a single door for the dog’s entry or exit. It provides more safety to your dog who will be unable to exit out of either door. Additionally, the bolt latches are provided to tighten the metals doors properly so that the dog will not able to open them. The corners are shaped roundly to protect your dog from any kind of injury.

7. Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate – Best for Extra large dogs

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  • Corners are protected.
  • Removable plastic pan.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Protect your floor.
  • Largest crate for your dog.
  • Bars are chewable.
  • Not good for some dog breeds.

The next best crate product is Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate that is specifically designed for XL-sized dogs. You can have this crate for your golden retriever who will love to live in it. The accessories and features of this crate are much effective in working purposes that will ease your life more than you expect from it.

Best for keeping the dog inside

This crate comes with a single door for the dog’s entry or exit. It provides more safety to your dog who will be unable to exit out of either door. Additionally, the bolt latches are provided to tighten the metals doors properly so that the dog will not able to open them. The corners are shaped roundly to protect your dog from any kind of injury.

Assembly is like a breeze

The crate is easy to assemble. No tools, instruments, or techniques are needed to arrange it. You can organize it manually by the use of your hands only. The corners are rounded to provide more support and safety to your golden retriever.

The plastic pan is also there to protect your dog from any kind of accident. You can detach it to wash properly and reattach it to the crate. It enhances the efficacy of the crate by giving more protection and safety to your golden retriever.

8. Merry Products Pet Cage with Crate Cover – Best dog crate with cover

best dog crate with cover
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  • Look like interior.
  • Strong support of solid.
  • Not easy to open.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Metal bars are flimsy.
  • Easy to bend.

If we talk about Merry Products Pet Cage with Crate Cover, it is also considered as one of the best crates for your golden retriever. The advantages this crate is giving you and your dog are truly appreciable. You can never get rid of this masterpiece. All the features are on the point and provide convenience to the customer in one way or the other.

Perfect panels for a perfect body

Well, the first thing that always attracts a person is the appearance of something. The manufacturers of this crate worked so heartedly on this point. They designed the panels so adorably that seek your attention within an instant and definitely of our golden retriever.

Solid upper part for storage

The roof of this crate is made up of solid so that you can store or place something you want, there. In this way, you can provide your dog with more space to sit, sleep or play within the crate. It looks like a piece of furniture because of its manufacturing like that.

Easy setup method

It is not difficult at all to set up this crate. It is designed in a simple straightforward way. You can easily understand the entire assembly of it. It is also very easy to set up by yourself without any assistance or help. You may also put a bed in the crate to make your dog’s life more luxurious.

9. Carlson Pet Products Single Door Metal Dog Crate – Best Secure and Foldable dog crate

best secure and foldable dog crate
Image from amazon
  • Perfect fitting.
  • Simple operation.
  • Worth buying.
  • Quality is appreciable.
  • Multiple sharp edges

Another best crate for extra-large dogs is Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate. It is considered as one of the versatile and safe crates, made up of steel providing supremacy to the crate. Its use is easy and smooth than many other crates.

Entree to the door

There is a single door for the entry and exit of your golden retriever that is secured by multiple lock systems that present a different point of the door. It ends to keep the dog safe inside, allowing it not to move out without permission.

Recommended for traveling

As it is lightweight and easy to set up or detach, it is highly recommended for traveling purposes where your golden retriever is with you. It helps you to give your dog a place to rest and stay. Also, it occupies a small space only in your car or traveling spot.

Complete safety provided

This crate is one of the best, safest crates for your dog. Its safety authentication is declared by JPMA and ASTM standards. It means that you can use this crate for almost all breeds of dogs.

10. Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier – Best selling dog crate

best petmate crate for golden retriever
Image from amazon
  • Easy to handle.
  • Fine finishing of the corners.
  • Best for medium-sized dogs.
  • Easy to bring together.
  • Good quality.
  • Sharp cutoffs.

Last but not the least, we have Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier for your golden retriever. It is also named on the top list because of its iron manufacturing and durability. The availability of this crate is at such an affordable range that you can easily buy it for your dog.

Long term use

This crate is manufactured in such a high-quality manner that you can use it for a long term without any defect caused or any malfunction in the crate. Furthermore, the crate is coated with black paint to prevent the rusting of iron so that it can run for years.

Multiple locking system

The crate is provided with almost five lock systems. This lock system tends to lock the crate at a point so that it will not move even when your dog is hanging around in the crate. Additionally, two locks are present on the door to secure your golden retriever.

Final Verdict

To wrap this article covering the best dog crates for Golden Retriever, the pain point is the size of the crate. Always consider it while buying a crate for a Golden Retriever. A metal crate of size 42 inches that is easy to install and fold down is all you need for your Golden Retriever.

From the above suggestions, New World Metal Dog Crate is our top pick for being slightly cheaper, ideal 42”-inch size, metal construction, removable tray, and foldable crate. For a full-grown Golden Retriever, it is an ideal choice to go for.

We hope that we have provided enough information about the best crates for Golden Retrievers. Furthermore, now it is your turn to pick the one that is right for your pup in the relevant environment. If you are still confused, feel free to try the options from the above list. We are sure you will not regret it.



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