Best Dog Food for American Bullies

Best Dog Food for American Bullies. It is a bit difficult task when you are going to purchase a healthy and nutrient diet for your American Bully. A lot of brands are available in the market but choosing high-quality and full of nutrients packed food for your American bully is really hard. in addition, you need a better understanding of all the basic and fundamental nutrients that are essential for your bully.

If you are feeding a portion of high-quality dog food to your bully then this will help you in

  1. Well-maintained growth during puppyhood.
  2. Prime levels of calcium
  3. Musculoskeletal jumble

Life stages are important:

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Choose the dog food according to their life stage like an adult, senior, lactating females, and so on. It is very important to choose the correct food for the correct life stage. The best exercise for this purpose is to consult with your vet and ensure that your puppy or canine has no hidden health issues. To change your dog food, it is a must to do this gradually and with a well-maintained dog food mixture.

The article is all about a discussion about your bully’s diet and supplements. This will also reflect how healthy food can help your bully to maintain a healthy life and how he can gain weight. Your American bully can easily beat the diseases like bone arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and other health issues they are prone to. It is necessary for a bully owner to know what he could feed his bully and what he could not.

Speedy healing with healthy changes:

You will notice the speedy healing and healthy changes in your dog when you will make the basic nutritional changes in your American bully’s food. If your American bully is aged, overweight, or has any genetic or chronic health issues then consulting with your vet is a good solution. Ask your vet to discuss your dog’s ideal weight and also for the best dog food for American bullies.

Here we will discuss the 5 best dog food for American bullies that are AAFCO approved. Here we will also highlight the most critical ingredients that you will be found in most American bully food brands.

Our review list of products for dogs is very long but we have chosen the 5 best products among them.

Let’s start this in detail.

1. Victor Classic Hi-pro Plus Dry Dog Food

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  • For all life stages.
  • rich in protein.
  • Free from artificial ingredients.
  • Gluten-free grains included.
  • In-budget product.
  • All formulas are available.
  • Dehydrated alfalfa meal.
  • Super-quality ingredients.
  • According to AAFCO quality standards.
  • Switching to another food is not easy.
  • Needs a gradual switch to avoid a stomach upset.

The formula of this product is US-based and the manufacturer is from the state of Texas. The available four-size bully food is good for all life stages. The positive rating of this product on amazon is 3000+.

Full of vitamin and protein:

The main ingredient of Victor’s classic Hi-pro plus is fresh beef, chicken, pork, and fish meals and highly nutrient, tightly packed dog food for bullies. This formula is the best fit for those bullies who are in need of high-quality protein like puppies when growing. This is also advantageous for pregnant and nursing bully females.

This bully dry dog food formula is full of vitamins, minerals, and necessary fatty acids. This product is well equipped with organic compounds like protein and amides. All with these main features this formula is highly advanced scientifically and good for the digestive and immune systems.

Gluten-free with easy digestion:

It is made with gluten-free grains that support favorable digestive conditions. It is a must to keep in mind that Victor’s classic Hi-pro dry dog food is carry all the core ingredients. The main ingredients are probiotics, mineral complexes, prebiotics, and selenium yeast.

After label analysis, we can say that raw content is about 20%, unprocessed protein is 30% and crude fiber is approx 3.8%. So we can say that this product is highly recommended and the perfect product for your American bully breed.

What is unique:

  1. Gluten-free
  2. Helps in gastric issues and digestive health.
  3. Gluten-free grains are used.
  4. Seaweed meal added.
  5. Unique formula for the active American bullies.


2. Diamond Care Dry Dog Food for Adult American Bullies

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  • Made especially to resolve stomach issues.
  • Best quality potato protein with digestible eggs.
  • Probiotics are native to the puppy’s G.I tract.
  • The price is not high.
  • Antioxidant formula.
  • The formula is grain-free.
  • Some dogs dislike the taste of this dry dog food.

This dry food for American bully is also from a US-based manufacturer. Its price is affordable and easily available in the market. The main ingredient of this dry puppy food is chicory root which is great for dogs of adult ages. It is also helpful for those bullies who have sensitive stomachs.

The top ingredients of this Diamond care dry dog food are:

  1. potato protein
  2. egg products
  3. potatoes
  4. chicken fat
  5. Tomato cider

Moreover, the chicory root is highly favorable for digestion. The chicory root is full of inulin and also has dissolvable dietary fiber.  It keeps your bully’s heart health good as it has taurine. The Diamond care dog food is full of protein that is attached to minerals through chemical reactions. This formula may also help your bully in excessive gas, gastrointestinal upsets, and digestive issues as well. The gastric and digestive problems are highly common in the American bully dog breed.


Some main Features:

  1. Diet with limited ingredients
  2. Unsolvable fibers
  3. Optimal quantity of probiotic strains
  4. Formula is grain-free
  5. Blended omega fatty acids
  6. Blended fiber
  7. Free from colors, preservatives, and flavors.

3. Taste of the Wild premium dry dog food

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  • Easily digestible.
  • The first ingredient is smokey salmon.
  • Free from the egg.
  • Probiotics added.
  • Optimal DHA for brain and eye growth.
  • Full of vitamins and minerals.
  • FDA has some concerns about the dog food for American bullies.

Many dog owners like us are still looking for a bully that comes with a grain-free formula. It will be always necessary for us to keep an eye on enlarged information about cardiomyopathy and grain-free food.

What is Dilated cardiomyopathy:

The US food and drug administration explains the best about dilated cardiomyopathy. They said that this is a genetic condition in dogs and is mostly found in large or giant bully breeds. The breeds in which you can find this genetic condition are Doberman, wolfhound, and great dane.

This condition is less common in small breeds and medium breeds as well. We accept that these kinds of cases are not well known because the treatments are costly and complex for dog parents. In addition, the animals are typically treated with warning and diagnostic methods.

What is important when choosing Dog food:

The key point that is important when choosing a dry dog food is the food that fulfills the nutritional needs or aspects and provides a highly balanced diet at every stage. The taste of the wild dog food is full of protein so we can choose it as a perfect diet for American bullies.

Free from artificial flavors and fillers:

The positive rating of this dog food on amazon is 4500+ and having an award of packed dog food with healthy ingredients. The healthy ingredients added in this product are salmon, ocean fishmeal, canola oil, salmon meal, and sweet potatoes. No artificial flavor and filler ingredients will be found. Never feed these ten things to your dog because these are serious dangers for your bully.

Attractive features:

  1. The main ingredient is Salmon and it is smokey.
  2. The best combination of sorghum, millet, and chia seed.
  3. AAFCO and FDA approved.
  4. No fillers added and no wheat and corn.
  5. Made in the US.

4. Wellness Core Grain-free Natural Dry food for Bullies

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  • Hormones free.
  • Best for treatments.
  • No ingredients with GNO.
  • Raw meat, no by-products.
  • Rich in probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Flax and fish omega for healthy skin and coat.
  • For brain and eye development, DHA is included.
  • For bones and teeth, calcium and phosphorus are present.
  • Some bully owners do not like this product because it is grain-free.

The wellness core natural dry dog food is the best option if you are buying it for a bully puppy. This dog food comes with a formula rich in probiotics, salmon oil, and also has calcium and phosphorus. These calcium and phosphorus are essential for optimal tooth development in the early hood. This product is one of the Best Dog Food for American Bullies.

Free from pulpy beet:

All the added ingredients are gluten-free and free from the pulpy beet. The reason to not add these ingredients is that they can play the role of stool-hardener. The fundamental ingredients of this dog food are boneless chicken chunks, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, and potatoes.

No steroids and Hormones:

This brand for bully puppies is free from steroids and hormones. The best thing in the Wellness core natural dry dog food is that it avoids by-products from meat. Every wellness core formula is full of fresh fruits and vegetables. These fresh items help your dog fight against cancer and other deadly diseases. Supplements are also used to prevent your dog from cancer and other diseases.

Some important things:

  1. The blueberries, veggies, and papaya are added and, kelp also.
  2. Helpful in gastrointestinal, brain, and teeth growth.
  3. Free from fillers like corn and wheat.
  4. Chicken and turkey meals as the basic ingredients.
  5. Obviously gluten-free.
  6. No beet pulp is added.


5. Blue Buffalo Life protection formula for Adult bully dogs


  • Rich antioxidants ingredients.
  • Included fish oil.
  • B-vitamins with oatmeal.
  • The core ingredient is chicken.
  • Free from artificial flavors.
  • No chicken by-products.
  • Barley, fiber, brown rice are easily digestible and sources of fiber.
  • Affordable price.
  • Carrots, blueberries, cranberries, and barley grass is added.
  • It is seen that some dogs denied eating this food due to the life source bits taste.

Blue Buffalo dry dog food for bullies is the most ordered dog food on Amazon. The positive rating on Amazon for this product is more than 27k. In the adult age, bullies need more energy so they need proteins and carbohydrates to meet the requirements. This blue buffalo has essential proteins and carbohydrates to fulfill the high energy needs.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids:

The added omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are highly supportive to elevate a shiny fur coat and healthy skin. The fat and the proteins are added in a maintained percentage. 24% of protein and 16% of fat level has maintained. This dog is just used for adult dogs only, so we can say that this dog is the best dog food pitbull of adult ages.

5 core ingredients of Food for American bullies:

The blue buffalo dog food is a correct mixture of antioxidants, required vitamins, and minerals also. These all are precisely selected by the expert vets to support your dog to keep the immune system strong. It also supports different life stages and keeps a balance of oxidates. The core ingredients of this dry dog food are boneless chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.

23 different formulas:

The Blue buffalo offers dry dog food for bullies in 23 different formulas. All 23 formulas are based on the life protection line. Follow the daily recalls of the dog food using FDA. Obviously, this practice will help you to find the best one.

Selling Features:

  1. No by-products of chicken are added to this food.
  2. Free from soy, corn, wheat.
  3. No colors, food preservatives, and artificial flavors.
  4. Ingredients are rich in antioxidants.
  5. Fish oil for coat and skin health.


What are the common ingredients that are disliked by Bully dogs?

Dr. Jerry Klein said that “true food allergies may not be as common as people think, True food allergies result in an immune response, which can range in symptoms from skin conditions (hives, facial swelling, itchiness), gastrointestinal signs (vomiting and/or diarrhea) or a combination of both. In some rare cases, a severe reaction resulting in anaphylaxis can occur—similar to severe peanut allergies in humans,” American Kennel Club.

Here is a list of common ingredients that dogs are allergic to:

  1. Soy
  2. Lamb
  3. Chicken
  4. Gluten
  5. Rabbit
  6. Dairy

The IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) is mostly caused due to food intolerance and allergies. The antigens like proteins that a mostly available in dry dog food could be the best offender and make the immune system strong for better results in the intestines inflammation.

Concluding Remarks on Best Dog Food for American Bullies

If your bully is taking a high-energy dog food formula and performing daily exercise then it is good to prevent them from obesity. In addition, Diabetes is directly linked with obesity that is a life intimidating disease. If he or she is obese, then the lifespan could be shorter. Take care of your dog and keep him happy by exercising and a walk.

Keep a body score chart with you, in case of an overweight bully you must have to consult with your vet as soon as possible.  When choosing the Best Dog Food for American Bullies, you should ensure that this dog food will help in weight loss and maintain the body mass.

Always take care of your bully by feeding, playing, and exercising. I wish that this article will help you find the best food for your bully.




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