Detailed Review of VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

Nowadays, robots have replaced humans in every aspect of life. Robotics have automated the industries including food serving, manufacturing, construction, and caretaker responsibilities. They revolutionized the whole vision of life. Like us, our pets also get exhausted from the daily life routine.

Overview of VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

The VARRAM Pet fitness robot is designed like a Roomba that can amuse, nurse, and play with your dog all the time. It will not let your dog getting depressed or bored. Also, it ejects the food by a specific feature to your dog. This robot can play the role of companion to your dog even in your absence. The training of dogs can also be accomplished by this pet fitness robot.

Let’s have a look at the ultimate features of the VARRAM Pet fitness robot.


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The entire outlook of the VARRAM Pet fitness robot is cute enough to get your attention. Every feature is specified for a specific function. The speedy shaking of the robot tends to feel more playful and joyful to your dog. It is packaged in a well-organized way to protect it from any kind of damage when ship.

On the contrary, a camera and a sensor are also added to check on the activities of your dog. A fitness aid is also introduced to keep the dog active and engaged in healthy activities. A kit with a  tail is also present in the VARRAM Pet fitness robot that can be used in case you have a cat.

Hardware properties of VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

The hardware of the VARRAM Pet fitness robot is pretty well and advanced. Following are the features present in the hardware of the robot that is described below


The first and the foremost feature, the VARRAM robot carries the ToF sensor and gyro sensors that are used to calculate the distance and map of the environment around your dog. These sensors are a part of cars where they determine autonomous driving or topographic mapping. In robots, the advancement of these sensors provides more security and safety to your dog.

Using this toy is the best way to keep your dog busy while you are at work or at home.

Waterproof ability

Secondly, IPX4 water resistance is applied to the robot for saving it from the dog’s mischievous acts like urination on the robot. The waterproof ability of the robot does not allow it to get damaged but you still have to clean it up.


In addition, the manufacturers use polycarbonate material in the preparation of the fitness bot of the robot. It tends to enhance the strength and stiffness of the robot. It is FDA-affiliated and can withstand up to 700 pounds of weightage easily. Similarly, the number of accidents can be controlled by using this robot.


Undoubtedly, the protection of robots matters a lot. It is essential to protect the robot by wrapping a protective case around the whole robot which will provide long-lasting durability to the robot. The case protects the fitness bot of the robot from scratches and bites caused by the dog. Due to this aspect, the VARRAM Pet fitness robot is also considered as the artificially intelligent robot toy for your dog.

Software Features of VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

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This Varram dog toy is a simple-looking toy that is powered by artificial intelligence to bring insurrection in the whole industry of robots. Let’s get an idea about the characteristics of the software of this AI toy, carries for your dog.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence seeks the duration, it can engage your dog for. It can also transverse the environment around the dog without any scratch on the wall, people, or floor. Also, artificial intelligence can calculate the strength of your dog and then determine the playtime accordingly.

Multi-tasking app in VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

A multi-tasking app is also installed in the robot that can schedule your dog’s activities, playtime, play modes, fitness timings with specific exercises according to your dog. Eventually, it also contains a charging plug that can charge your robot. Likewise, the phone app can be activated after connecting your robot to your phone by a Bluetooth connection.

Battery life

The battery time of the robot is enough for playing games, and doing other activities for continuous four hours without any break. A micro-charging cable and a micro-plug in the robot are provided with the packaging to charge it time by time. Moreover, you can schedule your dog’s timings of playing and charging the robot according to your appointments and free time.

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According to our point of view, it is a good companion for your dog. The only thing you need is a protective case that protects your dog too. We believe that you will never regret having this tremendous VARRAM Pet fitness robot for boosting your dog’s activities, training, and fitness.

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