How to Choose a Dog Food for American Bully

How to Choose a Dog Food for American Bully. The American bullies are big in size and heavier in weight. They need a diet that is much higher in protein with a balanced quantity of thriving fats, adequate fiber, and a small number of special vitamins. Here are some key points that you must have to keep in mind before choosing a healthier and more nutrient dog food for your American bully.

High-quality protein for Muscle balancingĀ 

The American bullies are heavy in muscles and they need to like as they are. If you do not feed them according to their need then they will be a patient with severe health diseases like cancer, etc. Make sure that the number of proteins and minerals is as per their need. The quantities can make all the difference.

The percentage of protein is important when you are choosing healthy food for your American bully. The percentage should be at least 25%. In addition, purchase dog food that has some part of animal proteins as their first ingredient. These animal proteins should be chicken, bead, fish, or lamb. The meat meals are not dangerous for your dogs and they are lesser lower in protein and nutritional vitamins.

Chickpeas and livers are great sources of protein. These are used to make the protein content bulky in dog food and used in addition to meat.

Healthy fats in Dog Food for American Bully

It should not be wrong if we say that bullies need a great source of healthy fats instead of a high-fat diet to keep their bodies in balance. For this purpose salmon oils, coconut oils, flaxseed oils, and nuts oil are used to provide them with healthy fats.

These healthy fats help your dog to completely absorb the mineral and healthy vitamins like K, D, and A. Moreover, these fats keep your dog’s blood pressure normal, saving them from joint pain and also from pain in the muscles. Moreover, healthy fats are guaranteed for a healthy dog and coat skin.

Digestible Carbohydrates

It is very important for an American bully owner that he must have to provide him balanced carbohydrates diet because these carbohydrates provide energy and keep their digestive system maintained.

it is very important to keep in your mind that your American bully must need a grain-free and gluten-free diet. The grain-free and gluten-free diets are lower in carbohydrates and help to lessen gastric issues and smelliness.

As a result, choose an easily digestible food and grain-free carbohydrates like potatoes, peas, pumpkin, legumes, and sweet potatoes.

Fiber is important in Dog Food for American Bully

This is also important for those American bullies who are suffering from digestive problems. This digestion issue is mostly found in the American bullies. There is not any described quantity of fiber but the upper mention carbohydrates have a sufficient quantity of fibers that your American bully needs.

The dog foods that mentioned the prebiotics and probiotics can help your dog well to keep their tummy happy.

Vitamins and Minerals

The American bully dog foods are per supplement and give an appropriate percentage of necessary minerals and vitamins. You must have to make an eye on the other vitamins and minerals that are good for your dog’s health.

The lack of Vitamin D and calcium may cause joint pain in your American bully. So if your dog’s food has no calcium and Vitamins D in a proper dosage then think about it and choose a dog food with proper dosage.

Of course, these bullies are bigger in size and heavier in weight as they are proportioned. They put an extra strain on their front legs. So without a sufficient amount of calcium and Vitamin D, they are unable to stand on their front legs. This lack may brittle the joints and make them less flexible. This may destroy the joints and muscles.

What ingredients to Avoid

It is important to read the ingredients from which the dog food has been made because reading the nutrition label will describe what is in it.

It is mostly seen that commercial brand dog food companies somehow add the ingredients to keep the dog food less costly and fresh for a long time. To do these customer attraction activities they use unsafe ingredients in the dog food. The ingredients may cause heart diseases, sensitivities, digestion issues, and even death.

Choose the food for your American bully that must be free from the added preservatives like BHT, BHA, and Ethoxyquin. Not only the preservatives are harmful for your bully, but the fillers are also. Some famous fillers or additions are melamine, food dyes, MSG, and Propylene Glycol.

Some items that I am going to mention are to be avoided but do not completely eliminate them. Such elements are meals, corn, soy, and wheat. However, these ingredients are famous for their bad reactions to your pup, so keep them under your care.





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