How to Choose a Martingale Dog Collar

How to Choose a Martingale Dog Collar? Martingale dog collar for dogs has been absolutely necessary for those who cannot afford the expensive ones. But in the recent past, the martingale collar is more famous among all types of dog owners.  The main reason to choose this collar is to keep your dog safe on a leash without choking.

In this article, you can read what this type of collar is and how you can benefit your dog by using this kind of collar.

What is a martingale collar:

A martingale collar is also called a limited or non-slip dog collar. This limited-slip collar mostly suits those dog breeds who had narrower heads than their neck.

The owners of Greyhounds, Salukis, Whippets, and other sighthound breeds mostly like this.

Don’t have a sighthound breed? Do not worry about it because you can use this collar with other breeds as well. Especially, it is best to take more control on leash training or if your dog tends to slip out of the collar.

The martingale collar for dogs is fitted with a D-shape ring and the leash attaches to the ring. When your dog pulls on the leash, the collar becomes narrower.

If the collar is properly fitted then this will be automatically adjusted to the neck of your dog. This way, you may easily keep your dog happy and comfortable.

How to choose a fit martingale collar for your dog:



The martingale collar comes in different sizes for different dogs. Some dog breeds do well with a normal 1″ wide martingale dog collar. But for those breeds who have narrow heads than their necks like a greyhound and their family. For them, you must need a well-padded and wider collar that offers good security and comfort.

In actual fact, you can search for a martingale dog collar by typing “greyhound collar” to find out collars specifically designed for greyhound necks.

No matter, which style of martingale dog collar is you are going to choose. Only the important factor is to choose the fits one.

How to find out the right size:


To find out the collar that best fits your dog then take the measurements around the base of your dog’s skull just behind the ears of your dog. This measurement is the same as the collar is tightened or closed.

After the correct measurements for the martingale collar, now it’s time to adjust the collar. In the first step, just slip the collar over your dog’s neck and softly pull it up to the area just behind your dog’s ears.

Secondly, Pull upside the smaller loop and make sure that metal is sliding on the other side. I want to quote some words from the UK collar maker Doggy Boho, ” a well-fitted martingale collar will have approximately two-fingers width’s distance between the two sides to ensure appropriate tightening when pulled”.

To find out the best non-slip dog collars, read the article on Best non-slip dog collars.

How to safely use a Martingale dog collar:

It is mostly seen that traditional dog collars are easy to escape for dogs but the martingale collar for dogs is safe against escaping. It’s not an aid for dogs who pull.

If your dog pulls on non-stop, it will have a constantly-tight collar. Overall, the non-slip dog collar is safe and comfortable. The constant tightness is uncomfortable for your dog. If your dog pulls non-stop then you may need to train your dog on a loose leash or collar walk.

Concluding Remarks:

According to my professional experience, I recommend you to use the martingale collar only when you take your pooch on a walk and remove it while at home.

Our recommendation is for the PetSafe gentle leader head collar, a best non-slip and easily adjustable collar.

No doubt, the martingale collar for dogs is safe but the loose design and the swinging rings have a great chance of getting caught on things. Only, for this reason, must supervise your dog when he or she is wearing the martingale dog collar.



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  1. That was a great post on the best non slip collars for dogs. My grey hound was difficult to control on leash while walking but after reading this article, I bought the martingale collar for my dog. Now all is well.


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