How to Choose a Non-Slip Dog Collar

How to Choose a Non-Slip Dog Collar:

How to Choose a Non-Slip Dog Collar? Choosing the right, best fit, and non-slip dog collar is such a big problem. The main issue comes when you started to measure the collar size and stucks between the small and medium.

Martingale collars are the best option to leash your slippery dogs. These are available in different sizes and widths. The standard width of the best limited-slip dog collar is 1 inch, almost all dogs are comfortable and secure in it. But the wider, padded non-slip collar is more secure and comfortable for narrow-headed dogs like Greyhound.

But which one is suitable for your furry friend?

Read this blog post to know the key features to keep in mind while choosing the best non-slip dog collars for your pooch.

Collar Size

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A variety of styles of martingales are available but what matters most is the size of the collar. Before buying the martingale dog collar, measure your dog’s neck.

Instead of labeling the neck size of suitable dogs, mostly the collars are labeled based on their lengths. So, a dog’s neck sized 10-12” might fit in a collar labeled 14”.

 Collar Material of non-slip dog collar

Once you determine the size of the collar, now it’s time to choose the right material. The most common dog collar materials are nylon, polyester, and leather. These are present in a variety of widths, colors, and styles.

Nylon is the best choice as it’s very light and nice, so it’s very comfortable for all dogs, especially for puppies.

 Stitching and Durability

Apart from the material, the durability of dog collars also depends upon their stitching. The corners must be folded and it should be made with reinforced stitching. The stitching of the collar is also concerned with the safety of the dog.


First, check the stuff, feel it in your skin and avoid if you feel it too hard on soft fur. Also scan if it can cause any damage, rashes, and skin allergies to your pooch. Pas, it from these checkpoints because your furry friend has to wear it for hours.

Padding of non-slip dog collar

The padding adds to the comfort your dog will feel while wearing an anti-slip collar. If the collar is made up of hard material, the manufacturers ensure comfort by an inner layer of soft padding. It acts as a cushion between your dog’s skin and hard collar.

Water Proof

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Some collars are made up of waterproof neoprene material. Such collars are suitable for beach trips, swimming, or raining outdoor games. Hence, the water does not get soaked in and it does not become heavy.  You can go for it if you want your furry friend to join you on beaches and in swimming too.

Unique Styles

Non-slip dog collars come in different styles and colors so you can find the right style for your dog. There are options designed by all nylon, all leather. Also, the collars styled by nylon material for the first loop and steel chain for the second loop are available.

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Additional Features

Non-slip dog collars with a reflective strip on them to glow in the dark are also available both online and in the markets. This feature seems fancy but could be of greater safety measure when to take your furry friend out at night.

Tips To Keep in Mind While Choosing a Non-Slip Dog Collar for Puppies

While buying a collar for puppies, don’t forget that puppies are undergoing quick growth and collars must grow with them. So, the choke collar must not be your puppy’s first collar, instead, it should contain a buckle.

Take into consideration the two fingers rule while putting the puppy’s collar on. It means that your two fingers must fit between the puppy’s skin and the collar.

Precautions for Using Non-slip Dog Collars

  1. Never use a martingale dog collar as a regular leash alternative.
  2. Notice your dog’s skin in any allergic response to these collars.
  3. Always make sure that the fit of the collar should not be too tight, nor too loose.
  4. When your dog plays in the parks with other dogs, remove the non-slip collar for safety purposes.

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Now you can buy perfect non-slip dog collars for your pets (adult dogs and puppies). As you’ve full knowledge of what to keep in mind while choosing the right collar.







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