How to Choose a Right Dog Crate for Air Travel

How to Choose a Right Dog Crate for Air Travel

How to Choose a Right Dog Crate for Air Travel? Let’s get the answer to the most asked question on the internet. When traveling with a dog on a plane, it is necessary to have an appropriate dog crate for air travel that provides safety and protection to your dog. Also, it should meet the guidelines of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), if you are traveling internationally.

Most probably, airlines do not provide any crate for your pet. If you want to travel with your dog, it is your responsibility to take a crate for your pet, too. In addition, you can ask for the crate from the airline services at the time of your seat booking.

In this article, we are listing some important information regarding your selection of a dog crate for air travel. Primarily, we will discuss some key considerations, you need to focus on while choosing your dog crate for air travel.

Key Features To Look Upon While Buying Best Dog Crates For Air Travel

Following are some key points you should always consider to grab the best dog crate for air travel.

Size of your dog

how to measure the size of your dog for air travel
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First of all, measure the accurate size of your pet dog whom you are planning to travel by air. The crate should have enough space for your dog to sit, stand, lay down, or even hang around in the crate normally. The measurements of the dog you needed are as follow:

  1. Length of dog from nose to tail
  2. Width of dog from the belly portion
  3. Height of the dog from feet to the top of the head.

It is good to take all the measurements in centimeters. Take care of accuracy and perfection while measuring the size of the dog. Read the in-depth review of Henkilion Dog carrier for air travel.

Manufacturing of crate

The crate you are selecting for your dog to travel on a plane must have the following requirements:

  1. The material used should be solid and hard.
  2. Easy to handle and open.
  3. The material used in manufacturing could be fiberglass, tough metal, strong plastics, and hardwood.
  4. A sturdy and durable locking system on the door.
  5. Good ventilation system for proper air entrance to prevent suffocation.
  6. Doors should be light-weighted.


live animal label on dog crates

The dog crate must be labeled as a live animal. For this purpose, different animal stickers with specific labeling are available in the market.

For air travel with your pet dog

  1. Buy your required one
  2. Paste it on your crate.
  3. Mention the whole information about your dog.

This way the airline workers will find it easy to take good care of your dog.


To facilitate you with more ease and convenience in your flying experience, special dog crates with specialized accessories are available both online and in markets. These dog crates are flourished with some extra space for medicine, food, documents, and toys that the airline service providers can use in case of any emergency or accident.


Last but not the least, choose the crate that is easy to assemble and durable for a long-lasting time. If the crate is hard to assemble, you have to put extra energy and time to assemble it. So, to save your time and energy, look for a crate with easy assembly.

Final verdict

It is highly recommended to go for a professional dog crate that is IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved and contains all the features, providing maximum protection to your dog. We assure you that when you buy a dog crate considering the above-mentioned pain points, you would get the appropriate dog crate for air travel.  Definitely, it will assist you to accommodate your dog as your air travel partner without using any harmful drugs such as sedatives.




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