How To Choose The Right Crate For Your Golden Retriever

As a novice owner, it may be confusing to choose the right crate for Golden Retrievers. We are listing down some informational content, covering all the aspects from material to size, quality, and price that will surely help you to get the best crate for your Golden Retriever.

Types of Crates

When you look for your pet’s containment choices you will get to know that there are multiple choices including metal, polyester, plastic, and wooden. Read on the bottom part to know about the different types of right crates available in the market as well as online.

Metal/Wire Crates

best wire crates for golden retrievers
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Metal or wire crates are always preferable because they are open, and provide good airflow, this might be a good option for dog owners living in warm climates. They are foldable and allow easy transport. Dogs also like wire crates because they can see what is going around. In the case of pups, you can use divider panels and can compare your puppy’s growth.

Plastic Crates

plastic c
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Plastic Crates are made up of sturdy and durable plastic and are preferred if your family loves traveling. These crates are airplane friendly but it is advised to check with your specific airline staff beforehand.

Pet experts suggest this type of crate if your dog is shy and reactive to other dogs. Because is that they are not as open as metal crates and provide a sense of privacy to your pet.

Soft-sided/Polyester Crates

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Soft-sided crates are best suited for puppies and small breed dogs accustomed to being in a crate.  The lightweight and flexible material make this containment easy to set up and teardown. They also provide your pet, a sense of security, privacy, and comfort. These are easy to wash and easy to use. Read our most popular article on washing pet beds.

Wooden Crates

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Wooden crates are strong, durable, and beautiful enough to give you the benefit of perfect home decor. They give the dual benefit of a dog crate as well as a nightstand or side or end table. They are actually for style-conscious families for the permanent containment solution of their pets.

Extra-large heavy-duty crates

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These dog crates are extra-long and tall and are typically made of coated metal or high-grade steel. Large dog crates will usually have multiple latches that are strategically placed. So that even the most cunning canine escape artist cannot outwit them.

Features to look upon while buying a dog crate for your Golden Retriever

Everyone needs private space they can own, so do a pet. That is why a comfortable dog crate is a luxurious containment facility you can provide to your loving Golden retriever. Let’s jump in to find out the perfect crate for your Golden retriever.


The top factor to look upon while searching for the best dog crate is its size. The Right crate for golden retrievers should be large enough to allow the dog to walk into it without crouching down and can comfortably turn around with a shut door.

How to find the right crate size for your Golden Retrievers:

The formula to determine crate size is to measure the dog’s height when standing (from the top of his head to the floor), and the dogs’ length (from the tip of his nose to the base of the tail).

Ideal Crate size Range for Golden Retrievers

A fully grown male golden retriever can reach the height of 22-24 inches and their female counterparts can reach a height range between 20 and 22 inches. Therefore, the crate size of 42 inches with dimensions (L×W×H) 42 inches× 28 inches× 30 inches is an ideal choice to buy for Golden Retrievers.

For, the crates of this size range are easy to install and fold down. For puppy Retrievers, this size is also a good fit to save yourself from upgrading the crate in near future.

Crate type

There are five different kinds of dog crates available at the stores or online. These include plastic crates, wire crates, soft crates, heavy-duty crates, and aesthetic crates. Always consider the nature of your pet if he is shy then consider covered crates such as polyester crates otherwise metal crates with good airflow are suggested for Golden Retrievers.

For easy and fast crate training, read the article linked here.


Dog crates can cost from around $20 to $1,000, depending on size and style (for furniture style crates). The most important feature of your dog’s crate is its quality and integrity, as a good quality crate is the most important factor in keeping your pup safe during their stay inside it.

 Crate Training Tips

  • Puppies under the age of six months should not be left in their crates for more than three or four hours.
  • Keep time increments short when housetraining because they don’t know how to control their bladders.
  • If you use containment to punish your pet, he or she will develop a fear of it and refuse to enter. Crate training is the best way to keep your dog busy in a crate.

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