How To Choose The Right Harness For Your American Bully

When you think about buying anything you have to create a positive image of that product. If you are going to buy a harness you must have to consider some important things.

At first, you have to take a look at for which purpose you are going to buy a harness. Moreover, what are the reasons behind the buying of the harness?

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What are the purposes behind buying a harness:

Are you buying that harness for training purposes or do you want a durable and comfortable trap instead of a collar?

Do you want to buy the harness for walking or jogging purposes or for any adventurous camping?

All the above-asked questions may come to your mind before buying a harness for your dog. But we are talking particularly about the American Bullies. No matter, what you are using for  your dog like harness, leash, collar

Which one is better:

There are different types of harnesses for American Bullies are available in the market. On the whole, your choice must be according to you and your dog’s needs.

From the available harnesses, your selected product must be the best fit for your dog and fulfill the needs that you want in a harness.

The harness that comes with a front clip makes the pulling more difficult for you. Alternatively, a harness with a backside clip makes the pulling easier than the first described.

On contrary, the yolk is the best trap or yolk for your pitbull to walk around and to train them.
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Pre-requisites for choosing a harness:

As you know that most of the product shows the same features but every product has its own uniqueness. The uniqueness may be its durability, comfort, strength, warranty, ease of use, ease of carrying.

No matter how attractive the product is. The main thing is that the product covers your needs best.

Choosing is a bit difficult than buying:

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When you come closer to choosing a particular piece of equipment for your Pitbulls, this looks more difficult than buying a tackle.

Because, if your chosen product is not according to your need then how do you buy that particular product?

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Some important Steps before taking the measurements:

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Generally, every manufacturer has a chart of sizes but the question is that how you can say which size is right according to your dog’s body structure.

To read that chart properly you must have to know that how you can take the measurements before selecting a trap from that given size chart. If you get the right measurements then your dog’s protection is guaranteed.

How to measure the chest:

Image downloaded from ferplast

Everyone knows that the American bullies are heavy in weight. They have a wider chest than other dog breeds. In addition, it is essential for you to choose such a product that comes across the chest comfortably.

The best way to take the measurement of the chest is to strat it from the rib cage of your dog.

Don’t use a steel measuring tape because the accuracy of steel measuring rape is lesser than the cloth-made measuring tape, but only in meaning the circular or conical shapes.

Using the cloth-made measuring tape, start measuring from the rib cage and swathe the tape over the back and the meat to the start point.

Read the number on the connecting point and write it on paper. The obtaining number is the chest measurement.

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How to take the measurement of the neck for a best-fit harness:

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The neck is also a very important part to measure before buying a harness. The neck measurement is essential whether you are buying an equipage or a collar.

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If you have a correct measurement of the neck then your dog will be comfortable. Similarly, the tight harness chock the neck of your dog making problems regarding breathing and throat pain.

Take the measurement of the thickest part of your dog’s neck because this helps you to find a fit yolk rather than a tight one.

Cross the measuring tape right over the shoulders because when the dog lays down or flat, the harness could be choked in your dog’s neck.

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Is weight measurement is necessary to buy the right harness:

Image downloaded from trendingbreeds

To buy a correct and comfortable harness you must have to know the weight of your bully or pitbull. Make sure that the chosen harness is the best fit according to the weight of your dog.

The shape building really matters in the case of American bullies, so pay attention to their weight to buy a best-fit harness.

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To find out the weight of your dog, simply put your bully on a scale and read the weight that the scale is indicating. Read the given table about the weight and choose the product accordingly.

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Measurement of length-The important one:

Image downloaded from dogspecialist

The harnesses generally come in pre-defined sizes such as small, medium, large and above. But you have to choose a harness that supports a specific length.

Every size of dog needs a yolk to keep them in a control. If the harness measurements are not correct then your dog will be uncomfortable during the use of that trap.

Choose the right harness according to the length of your dog to control them. Otherwise, they could be hurt and will be angry.

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Compare the harness size chart with your measurements:


Size Weight Neck Grith
XS 3-5 Kg 27-46 cm 29-48 cm
Size 5-10 Kg 34-56 cm 37-60 cm
M 10-19 Kg 41-68 cm  45-73 cm
L 19-35 Kg 46-78 cm 49-84 cm
XL 35+ Kg 52-90 cm 56-97 cm
2XL 40Kg+ 74-131 cm 77-134 cm

The harness manufacturers mostly publish a chart on which sizes and different suitable harnesses are given.

You have seen these charts on websites and in the area. When you read the chart and match your reading then you can easily classify your dog that in which size he or lies.

From that chart, you can easily select the most appropriate harness for your dog. Ensure that your attention is close to buying a harness.

After selecting the best fit harness for your bully buy or make an order online.






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