How to clean and wash your pet bed

How to clean and wash your pet bed. A pet that lives with you in your home brings a lot of snuggles. Pet lovers give their pet facilities like Air conditioning in summer and heating rooms and heated pet beds or pads in winter. As a whole, they provide a lavish life to their pet.

They also keep care of their comforts such as they provide soft beds and padding.

Can We remove the odor completely?

Pet brings a large number of odors or smells. Odor sometimes comes from their bed, padding, and sometimes from your bedsheets, if you or your pet like to hug or cuddle up.

You can completely remove the odor from your pet bed, blanket, and from your bed also. The best solution to remove the odor is the right choice of cloth and linen washing powder or detergent but most of the important thing is the way how you wash or clean your pet’s bed.

Is it a must to wash your pet bed or blanket?

It is said by the different bed and blanket manufacturers that you must wash your pet bed once a week, to keep the odor away from you and your pet bed and blanket The same thing for you, if your puppy likes to cuddle up or sleep with you then must wash your sheets once a week with odor removal detergent.

Most of the dogs like to swim or take a bath in rain, if your doggy likes these things then wet dog smell can permeate or spread throughout your home or where your dog will rest, on his bed or your bed.

The Best pet odor remover:

The ARM & HAMMER is manufacturing the best odor removal detergent Plus OxiCleanTMOdor Blaster, Fresh Burst. These are laundry detergents, developed to completely finish the odors as body smells and slightly wet odors. By using this OxiClean stain Fighter and ARM & HAMMERTMFreshness, you can easily remove the stains and neutralize the odor, and keep your pet bed clean, fresh, and full of fragrance.
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There are two ways to clean and wash your pet’s bed and blanket.

1. Wash your pet bed In your washer

2. Wash your pet bed With your hands

How to wash your pet bed In a washer: 

how to wash your pet bed with washer

If you are using a bed whose cover is able to be taken off, then remove it and wash it according to as directed by the manufacturer. If you are using a washable pet bed, then toss it into your washer and also put other items of your pet like a towel or blanket.

Steps to wash your pet’s bed are here.

Check the label:

First of all, read out the label attached to your pet’s bed to make sure, the product is washable.

Remove the cover:

If your product is not completely washable then remove the cover from the padding. If your puppy sleeps on a blanket on the bed or only on the blanket, then first thoroughly clean the hairs on the cover or on the blanket with the help of a dryer or shake well. After the use of the dryer clean the trash house of your dryer.


Use the highest mentioned temperature on the label to wash your pet bedding in the washer. Wash cover or blanket at least 140 oF.

Test the fabric:

Apply detergent on your fabric to test it against color fastness or fading. Apply detergent inside the lining or seam or an area not in front.  If your doggy printed the cover with muddy paws, then apply ARM & HAMMER™ Plus OxiClean™ Odor Blasters Fresh Burst™ liquid detergent on the stain Rub the stain sufficiently and put it in the washing machine for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Quantity of detergent:

Put your pet blanket and bed covering into the washer. If your pet’s bed smells a lot or is heavily dirty then it is recommended to use a full head-to-toe cap of your Odor Blaster liquid detergent. If you keep regular maintenance of your pet’s bed, then fill the cap to level 2.

Wash with water thoroughly:

Wash thoroughly your pet’s blanket or cover to make sure that the detergent is completely drained out from the fabric.

Best way to dry:

There are two ways to dry the fabric. Dry on low heat or hang it to dry with the sun heat.


After washing your pet’s towel or blanket and bed cover, it is best to run your washing machine without adding anything. Rotate your washing machine at a high temperature by adding a cup of white vinegar to the detergent releaser of your washing machine to completely disperse the odors and hairs for your next load to be easy.

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How to wash your pet bed without a washer or with your hands:

You can wash your doggy bed without a washer. Sometimes a machine is not capable to wash such a bulky and large pet bed. Sometimes pet uses a woolly covering bed and pillows full of heavy foam chunks. You may be surprised, how I wash my dog bed in the machine because they are heavy, big in size for a washer. 

Don’t worry, the solution is ARM & HAMMER™ Plus OxiClean™ Odor Blasters Fresh Burst™. You can use these detergents without any worry because they are safe for your hands and you can wash your pet bed easily with them.

How to wash? Here is a short guide for you.

Prepare for washing your pet bed:

Always vacuum your dog’s bed before washing it because there would be dirt and hairs on the bed or cover. Make sure that your fabric is properly clean and free from scattered items.

If your pet bed is large:

It is very difficult to wash large dog beds and blankets in daily routine buckets or tubs. Normally, dog beds are big in size and mostly made of fleece or super soft material and when they got wet, their weight increases too much. The Best way to wash these large items is to take them to the bathtub.

Fabric test for color fading of your pet bed:

ARM & HAMMER ™ Plus OxiClean™ Odor Blasters Fresh Burst™ are safe for your hands and also for your fabric. It is better to test or take a trial of your fabric with this detergent against color fading or colorfastness.

Apply the detergent to the non-visible or internal area of your cover or bed. If the fabric did not fade the color, then apply the detergent directly on the dirty marks and leave it for 8 to 10 minutes after soft rubbing.

Water temperature:

It is important to read the washing directions before doing this. Sometimes, the hot water damages the quality of the fabric It is good to use hot water, as you can touch it easily while washing the bed or blanket and cover Use water of low temperature which you can touch easily After filling up your bathtub, half or full, Immerse your bed or blanket into hot water.

Quantity of detergent for your pet bed:

Quantity of detergent really matters, instruction by ARM & HAMMER ™ is pore Odor Blaster liquid washing detergent in the bottle cap and make a hissing or swishy move to spread the detergent in the bathtub.

Agitate the detergent and make bubbles:

After completely immersing your dog bed, blanket, or cover in water. Exert force to the downside and make sure that the bed is wet from the inner side and not a single part is dry. Try to turn over your washable a couple of times and make rainbow balloons in your bathtub. Make sure your bed or blanket is completely wet and sinks in the water.

Rub gently:

Rub the areas where stains or muddy paws are printed on the fabric of the pet bed or blanket after 15 minutes of immersing in water. Use a soft cloth for rubbing purposes.

Remove water rigorously:

Thoroughly remove all of the detergents and wash your item in cold water. Make sure that no detergent remains in the pet bed or blanket. 

Squeeze the water:

Squeeze the water as much as you can. Try to remove all of the water that your bed or blanket contains. Squeeze well to dry your item completely.

How to dry the pet bed:

It is good to wash your pet’s bed when the sun is in your favor and leave your item to dry outside in the sunshine and in the air. Do not use the high-temperature dryer to dry your pet’s bed because this could be harmful to your pet’s bed or the product may be damaged internally.

Best detergent to remove the odor completely:

ARM & HAMMER ™ Plus OxiClean™ Odor Blasters Fresh Burst™helps you to keep your pet’s bed and blanket odorless, free from dirt and stains, and fresh. ARM & HAMMER ™used this special formula in their products to remove sturdy stains and odors from fabrics and bedding.


ARM & HAMMER ™ is not responsible if you wash your dog with these detergents. These products are only formulated to wash and clean your clothes, pet’s bed, blanket, and covers.

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