How to Connect CCTV Camera to Computer

How to connect CCTV camera to computer? Is it easy to setup? Is there any software to make a bridge between the camera and your computer?
Here is an answer to all of your questions.

CCTV cameras are used to keep the belongings or properties safe. Whatever your purpose for installing a CCTV camera. Some use CCTV to keep themselves safe against robbery while some install CCTV in their offices to keep their important documents and office equipment safe. The Cctv camera provides both the security and feeling of safety as well as peace of mind.

A huge variety of CCTV camera systems is in the market. Some of them are complicated to understand, some are easy to understand. These variations are concerning to their designing and installation.
Whatever the type you have selected, the steps to connect the CCTV camera to a computer are generally the same. No matter, how many CCTV cameras you are connecting to a computer for monitoring.

What is meant by CCTV:

CCTV is an abbreviation of closed-circuit television. It means that the CCTV delivers the video and images to a particular person or persons without sharing them with the public.

Why people use CCTV cameras:

The CCTV cameras are mostly used in houses or offices. People use these cameras to see the activities near their house, their shops, etc. Some install these cameras to show their guards, the live image of their factory, office, and car parking lots.

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Where the data stored:

To store the data, VHS tapes or DVRs are used. DVR stands for digital video recording. The purpose to record the video is to watch it later anytime if any criminal activity happens near you or any incident.

In these days of technical advancements, people can connect one or more CCTV cameras with a single computer or laptop. You can watch the single-camera video or a couple of videos. Now, most people are using the cloud-storage system, this system stores the video on the remote servers. You can watch or playback any video when you want to watch. But watch later function depends on the storage capacity you are using, the more the capacity, the more you can play old one.
Check this image to determine the data storage requirements.

Using a personal computer for CCTV System:

You can use a single CCTV camera on a pc. Before installing the camera, the very first step is to ask the manufacturer that what to do or how to do it? When you make an estimate for installing CCTV cameras, keep these things in mind.

Not only include the price of the camera but also include the other expenses as well. Other expenses like delivery charges in case of the online order, installation charges, and other equipment charges. Also, consider the price of digital connections.
Keep in mind the upcoming maintenance charges and also estimate the cost of data storage such as recording tapes and hard drives.

How to install the CCTV software:

This part is slightly tricky. Tricky in the sense of installation because everyone does not know that how to install or where to install.
You can install the driver from the CD or DVD that must be in your box, if you don’t find that ask your CCTV camera provider. Another way to install the CCTV software is the website of the manufacturer, you can download the software or install it online. You can also install through the given QR code on the product.
Some manufacturers provide automatic installation on a couple of devices.

Where to pin the camera:

Pin or mount the camera at a place where the proper light in day and night is available, from where your targeted location is clear. Always place your camera in that location where the proper light and the proper view are available. Do not choose the position so high to place the camera. Ever choose the average height where no one can reach without any ladder.

Connect the placed camera with your computer:

The main thing is to connect your camera with the computer. Some manufacturer uses the coaxial cable while some use the USB cable. Read the manual book before connecting to the computer and determine the right type of cable to connect the CCTV with your pc or computer.

Most of the CCTV connects through a router, by using that router you can connect a couple of cameras. If your camera uses the connection through the router, then you have to connect each camera to the port that is available in the router. After connecting each camera to the router now connect the router to the computer.
But read the manual book before doing this all process.

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Supply the power to your camera:

Turn the switch on to supply the power. The latest cameras in the market provide a power supply through a USB cable. But find out first which source and which kind of cable will be used for the power supply. To find the right instructions read the manufacturer documentation.   

Run the CCTV dedicated software and proceed to configurations:

Turn on your computer. find the software which you have installed from the CD or DVD, or downloaded from the website mentioned on the box or in the manual book. Run the software and proceed to configuration step by step as guide you on the website or in the manual book.

After configuration, you will find the image or videos shown on your computer from the installed CCTV cameras. This is the right time to adjust your camera in terms of focus, video quality, day and night vision, and optimal need for light.

How to playback or watch older videos:

The old videos limit depends upon the storage size that you are using.
If you are using the big storage media, then you can watch the oldest videos otherwise small size media storage automatically deletes the old videos or replace them with new ones.

Every software has its own playback feature but generally, these simple steps are followed by everyone.
Rightclick on your screen > click on the playback from the menu that appeared > enter the security password (if you are using it to unlock the settings) > click on the camera number as you assigned them > choose the date on which you want to watch the video > select the time.
By doing these simple steps you can easily watch the older videos.


Finally, the steps that are described in front of you can vary, because every manufacturer keeps something change with other products from a different manufacturer. But mostly CCTV cameras are configured with these simple steps.
Buy the CCTV camera according to your need and usage, and also estimate the storage size or consult with a CCTV service provider.

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