How to Stop Dog From Pulling On Leash

How to Stop Dog From Pulling On Leash? In the beginning, it is important to be aware that never pull the leash while you are training your dog. Always put the positive impression in terms of patience and reinforcement.

As per my research on dogs’ behavior, it is mostly seen that dogs respond much better to positive reinforcement rather than negative. So do not punish your dog for pulling on the leash.

3 Simple Ways to Stop Your Dog From Pulling On Leash:

No doubt, it’s not an easy task but by using some trick we can do it much better. You may easily achieve your goal by using not much time.

Simply follow the guidelines while training your dog and keep patience. Practice your dog with these simple tricks and get the best results in your favor.

 Trick 1:

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Use an easy walk harness that comes with a front clip. This front clip harness is better to train your dog and also prevent pulling by putting pressure on your dog’s neck and chest.

In the case of a front clip harness if your dog pulls then the pressure will not be on his throat. All of the pressure would be on his shoulders. Your dog will be less inclined if he or she feels uncomfortable.

Read this article if you are searching for harnesses that are impossible to escape.

Trick 2:

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The smelling power in dogs is very much high. They can smell from a distance. In trick 2 you will find out that what to do when you come across an interesting smell or good sight. The simple is to stop walking.

When you stop walking on an interesting smell or a sight, your dog will also understand that stopping on the smell or sight has some meaning. So, he or she will investigate the whole on their own.

Trick 3:

Giving treats to your dog is always good but in a proper way. Proper way means that when he or she does a good job, award them with a treat.

How you can lessen the pulling on the leash. Giving the treat is a much better way to stop this. Always give treats to your dog when or she walks with you without pulling on the leash.

Keep a pouch full of treats, always with you. This trick will take some time to get the 100% result but the results will be long-lasting. Patience is key to getting good results.

Concluding words:

Keep it in your mind that training your dog not to pull on the leash is all dependent on patience and positive reinforcement.

The thumb rule to get out of this problem is to give treats to your dog so he or she will repeat for more. On the other hand, if you punish your dog for bad behavior then he or she will not try the action again in fear of punishment.




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