How to Teach a Dog to Potty Outside

How to Teach a Dog to Potty Outside. Training a dog or puppy can be a challenge, and the house training process is no exception. The trick to getting house training done right is patience and consistency. Most dogs don’t naturally know what’s expected of them. In fact, it often takes so long for them to fully grasp proper behavior that many owners give up hope before they even try. This shouldn’t be the case because once you get through the first few days of being house trained. Your dog will learn quickly and make fewer and fewer mistakes over time.

Set up a Routine:

Puppies do best on a reliable schedule: having time to eat, play and relieve themselves. For every month of age, they can hold out for approximately one hour without needing to go. So if your puppy is eight months old, they might be able to wait up to eight hours without an accident occurring. Otherwise, it is likely they will have an accident in their kennel or while you are out with them if you have not provided enough toilet breaks during the day.

Regularly visits your pooch outside:

it’s important to schedule breaks and smaller chunks of downtime as your day goes by. So you don’t risk getting run down. Whether that means taking a walk in the park or giving yourself a small window, such as 20 minutes, to drink your coffee, it’ll help stop you from burning out, especially if you work.

Select a Potty spot outside:

It’s a good idea to always bring your puppy with you when you go out for walks. Always ask them to act as your dog’s ‘buddy.’ Select a specific word or phrase. Use that phrase consistently, so they hear it before they relieve themselves while you are outside on your walk together, and then use it regularly in other contexts because the more consistent this routine is, the easier it will be for your puppy to learn what eliminates scent marker is supposed to remind them of.

Recompense them when they pass it outside:

Praise or give treats—but do so immediately after they’ve finished. This step is vital because rewarding your dog for going outdoors is the only way to teach. It’s best to wait until they are done outside before you go nuts over their new talent! We know puppies are easily distracted and if you praise too soon, they’ll get distracted and forget to finish until they’re back in the house.

Keep the feeding timetable identical:

What goes in must come out! Circular motion is a vital concept for pets, as well. Whether you have just brought a puppy or an adult dog into your home, feeding them at the same time every day will help to keep their digestive system moving along nicely, which helps to promote healthy digestion and regular bowel movements. This makes it much easier for both of you to stay on top of your puppy’s house training efforts.

Pick up your canine water container :

How to Teach a Dog to Potty Outside. If you’re looking to successfully house train your pooch. Start it by giving them access to a water dish at least 2.5 hours before bedtime. Moreover, keep it that way throughout the night. Most pups can sleep for up to 7 hours straight without relieving themselves.

If by any chance they do wake you up in the middle of the night, don’t make a big deal of it; otherwise, they will think it’s time to play, not relieve themselves! Once they’ve awoken you, turn on as few lights as possible, try not to distract them from what they are doing by talking or playing with them, take them outside (make sure its okay with neighbors) when you notice them relieving themselves, and then return them back to bed after.

It may take some time for your pet to learn how long their body can last without relieving themselves. But eventually, just like our humans that we work so hard on teaching basic numbers with once upon a time- will be able to hold their bladders for much longer than ever expected.


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