How to Use Dog Toys According to Their Types

How to Use Dog Toys According to Their Types? The behavior problems in dogs are mostly due to boredom or excess energy. When a dog suffers from these problems, he or she shows bad behavior to the owner. Sometimes they bite or scratch and sometimes they show anxiety.

The best solution to overcome these behavioral problems is dog playthings. The toys offer physical and mental stimulation and enrichment. Directing your dogs to toys can help you to resolve such problems.

The toys convert the dog’s excess energy or boredom into play and give them mental and physical relaxation. Toys will help you to save your land from digging and furniture from chewing or scratching.

How to use different types of dog toys:


Different types of pooch toys are available in the market. These types of toys are used for different purposes. For more details on typed of dog toys, stay with us.

Interactive Dog toys:


This type of furry toy requires your participation to entertain your dog while at home or in the park or, on a walk.

Many dogs like to play with fetch toys such as chasing balls and frisbees. Some oddly shaped and bouncy toys create more fun to overcome their boredom. You can use the flying disks to entertain them which come in different sizes. Some of these come with soft materials that are easy to catch by your dog.

The tire-biter toys are also available in the market for good tugging. They are also called rope toys. These toys are mostly used when you need more interaction with your pooch.

Distraction Dog toys:


Most dog owners like these toys because these toys keep your dog busy while you are at work or away from them. These toys have different types from which some of them will be described under.

Food delivery toys are very common and useful among all dog owners. These toys are specially designed to deliver kibble or other small treats to your dog. The canine manipulates the toy with his mouth or paw to get the food out from the toy.

Chew or hard rubber toys:

The hard rubber toys are specially designed for aggressive dogs. These chew toys are made with hard rubber that is hollow with holes. You can fill these toys with treats to make them more attractive. To encourage your pup more, you can add a small amount of peanut butter, cheese, or cream.

These toys are also useable in the crate. You can choose other crate toys for your dog to keep them busy in the crate.

Dental chew toys:

These toys are hard but dogs can safely ingest the small particles of these toys. Moreover, supervise your hound when he or she playing with this toy and stop them to eat large pieces.

Puzzle Dog toys:



Two types of puzzle dog toys are available in the market. in the first type, the dog solves the puzzle to get the treat. For example, the Nina Ottoson and dog spinny cover this type of toy.

In the second type of puzzle toy, the dog solves the puzzle to get the toy. Examples of these toys are keygen and IQube.

We recommend these toys to keep your dog entertain┬ábecause these toys stimulate your dog’s brain and enhance the interest to get more.

Some useful tips:

  1. Rotate your dog’s toys weekly by maintaining only four or five toys at a time.
  2. Keep a sufficient variety of toys to rotate them weekly.
  3. One of the best food delivery toys that we recommend is the Varram Pet Fitness robot.
  4. If your puppy likes comfort toys such as soft baby toys then leave them all the time with them.
  5. Provide toys that widely offer a variety of uses, such as one toy to carry, one to kill, and one to roll.
  6. Always choose a toy according to your dog’s size, weight, and behavior.
  7. Do not alter any toys that are not dog-proof.
  8. Monitor your dog’s toys on daily basis and discard damaged toys because they can be easily broken.





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