In Depth Review Of Moonbow DubsLabs Bedphones

In order to wind down before bedtime, why not queue up your own personal playlist of lullabies by DubsLabs?

The purpose-built speakers of DubsLabs Bedphones are so snug you barely feel them (even if you move around a lot while you sleep!).

How can you tell if a pair of sleep headphones will help you sleep better?

So let’s find out if these Bedphones are right for you. I’ll tell you how they work, what materials they are made of, and tell you my personal experience with them. Let’s get started!

Brand’s short description:

Moonbow is a collection of sleep and travel accessories by DubsLabs. From sleep masks to bedphones, most Moonbow products can be tucked away in a suitcase or stowed in a nightstand.

Although I haven’t tested the rest of the DubsLabs products, I have been snoozing with the Bedphones for over a week. So follow along with us as we describe this innovative sleep headset!

How these DubsLabs Bedphones work:

After testing the DubsLabs Bedphones for approximately one week, I am ready to share my experience with you. However, if you don’t have time or just want to know the basics, take a minute to go over the following features.

The DubsLabs Bedphones key features:

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The key features are:

These Bedphones are wireless:

These dubsLabs wireless Bluetooth headphones make it easy to connect them directly to your smartphone so that you don’t have to plug anything in or fuss with extra cables. Simply pair the headphones with your phone as you would normally and start listening to your favorite music.

Music plays up to 13 hours:

The Bedphones can play music for up to 13 hours straight when fully charged. Of course, you may not really want to sleep for 13 hours straight, but it’s good to know that your headphones won’t cut out mid-sleep.

Comes with a microphone:

These beds have a built-in microphone so that users can make phone calls while they are on the go simply by putting the headphones around their ears and using the mic.

Adjustable memory wire ear hooks:

Memory wire ear hooks can be bent and adjusted to conform to the precise shape of your ear. Which is why they are one of my favorites because it gives you ultimate flexibility for a customized fit.

Best fit design for your ear:

The dubsLabs bedphone speakers are incredibly thin and feature a unique on-ear design to make sleeping more comfortable. Instead of being placed in your ear, these speakers rest against your ear so that you do not notice them as you roll around in bed.

Easy to carry while traveling:

Furthermore, Bedphone comes packaged with a handy carrying case, making travel with these devices easier.

Important note:

What’s important to note about the Bedphones is that they function similarly to other Bluetooth headphones in supplying sound to your smartphone or tablet. 

The speakers are designed to rest against your ear, so they can make your sleep experience more comfortable. But you can also use them to listen to music, talk on the phone, or even run with them.

 My detailed experience with Moonbow DubsLabs bedphones:

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So, now let’s talk about my experience slumbering with these Bedphones. My first impression of receiving these Bedphones was the compact carrying case they came with.

Bedphones make life easier to take during commutes to work or to a friend’s house. Just stuff the Case in your purse and keep it moving. Have you been searching for headphones that can easily be stowed in the purse? These definitely qualify.

What to admit:

I have to admit, however, that I am not a fan of listening to music while I sleep – podcasts or otherwise – but I can certainly see how these Bedphones could be useful for those who do. 

Sleek design:

My ear was well padded when the speakers rested against my ear, and I barely felt them at all during sleep on my side. The foam-cover speakers interlocked easily with my pillow while the memory wires held them securely in place around both ears.

Inline remote control:

In addition, I am able to adjust the volume using the control on the inline remote, and the sound quality is pretty good. However, these are not noise-canceling headphones, which is why my partner complains about hearing the music while he attempts to sleep.

Speakers on your ears:

You might not realize it, but the speakers rest on top of your ear rather than inside of it, which makes it quite easy for others to hear what you’re listening to. If you share your bed with a partner, you might want to take this into consideration before you purchase it.

Best for sleeping:

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Overall, the DubsLabs Bedphones was a pleasant listening experience. I won’t replace my regular headphones with this made-for-sleep model (though you can technically replace them), and I will continue to use my white noise machine.

My verdict:

 The DubsLabs Bedphones are quite comfortable, but my partner was annoyed by them. Nevertheless, if you want to listen to soothing music without plugging your headphones into your ears, then this is the way to go.

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