Most Comfortable Earbuds For Sleeping

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QuiteOn sleep earbud:

QuiteOn sleep perfect earbuds for sleeping
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In the year 2016 when ex-engineers of Nokia earned $1.3 million from the first generation of Avant-grade noise cancelation featured wireless headphones.

After passing 2 years, in 2018 they declared the final release of the QuiteOn Sleep earbuds. This product was really made for the comfort of sleep and the product was truly a miniature version of earbuds. QuiteOn sleep earbuds stop the sound of snoring, a shout of children or loud music from your neighbors, and the sound of traffic.

Quite with noise-canceling:

As the name of the product is indicating that it is made truly for the eventual noise-canceling while sleeping. If you are thinking that QuiteOn sleep is designed for music playback, then keep in mind that this Is not the truth about this device.
it is basically designed for the purpose of noise cancellation so you can get the best sleeping experience with QuiteOn sleep earbuds.

The Nokia ex-engineers observed unlimited audio tests and from them, they analyzed the samples, after this hard work they made QuiteOn sleep to block the sounds below 500Hz.

Tinier than other products:

To make this product more efficient and competitive, the whole team was busy making it tinier than before and much lighter to not feel heaviness in your ear. its carrying case has a portable charger that enables you to charge your earbud anywhere, anytime.
QuiteOn sleep provides you the battery back up for up to 20 hours with a special mode on which the noise cancellation feature de-activated temporarily.

quiteOn sleep buds
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Soft silicon Sleeping headphones by MAXROCK:

Maxrock soft earbuds
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This headphone by MaxRock is purely made with silicon for the best sleeping comfort. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying expensive headphones, buy soft silicon sleeping headphones by MaxRock because this sleeping headphone is a high-end product at below $15.

Super soft feeling:

These headphones give you a super soft feeling in comparison with other brands in the market, its design is very low profile so these earbuds didn’t dig up your ear when you lay down aside. Ease to receive and rejection of calls directly through the earphone. You can easily play, pause or change the track according to your wish.

Best passive noise cancellation experience:

Like the other brands, this headphone MaxRock also provides the best experience of passive noise cancellation. This headphone is compatible with 3.5mm jack devices or phones, including the entire range of Apple, Samsung, nexus, tablets, and laptops.

Maxrock soft earbuds for sleeping
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Zenbuds by Amazfit:

Zenbuds by amazfit
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Zenbuds by Amazfit was launched at the consumer electronics show 2020. This product was specially designed to achieve your sleeping goals by producing the best environment. Its soft sounds really give you a perfect and comfortable sleeping experience. The parent company of Amazfit is Huami which is world-renowned in making technology wearables.

Other Amazfit products:

Other products from the parent company of Amazfit are smartwatches and fitness products where Huami is also making the MI bands for Xiaomi, the biggest mobile manufacturer of China.
The announcement of the Zenbuds was with the name of Power buds, a bumpier product was designed to use in sports or fitness fields. Zenbuds are specially made to fulfill the needs of sleeping. A userfriendly and extremely best-packed designed to save the earbuds from falling during the whole night. The weight of this product is1.78g where the Apple AirPods pro is 3 times heavier than Zenbuds.

The price of Amazfit Zenbuds is about $149.
Some Featured characteristics of Amazfit Zenbuds are:

Ultra-dense user friendly:

The design provides the best sleeping experience because you have no fear to move around your bed. Noise from the outside can’t go in because soft padding and a secure design are made.

Good Battery life:

Zenbuds have a long battery life of 12 hours with auto-off, after one charge it gives you about 8 days of use while the power bank or case gives 56 hours.

Monitoring of your sleep:

You can see your heart rate, the quality of your sleep, and your different positions of sleep. You can find the whole data in the app.


When you use these Zenbuds for the whole night during sleep. Its built-in Alarm system will give you a gentle notification about your alarm in your ear without disturbing your partner.

In-built library:

These buds had their own in-built library, full of relaxing music, nature sounds, soothing and meditation tracks as well.

Zenbuds features
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Bose Sleepbuds II:

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The recommended product from our side is Sleepbuds II by Bose. In 2019 the first generation of this product was recalled but after, a problem was reported about the systemic cause of the problem due to the silverzinc battery technology that was not working properly, and frequent shutdowns were reported. Some reliability problems were also there.

The creativity of Bose Engineers:

But everyone is thankful here to the Bose engineers they reviewed the problem and solved it. The replaced battery was more reliable than before and the material used to make that battery is nickel metal. Other improvements were about connectivity and response to the desired frequency and after that, they launched Sleepbuds II by Bose.

As same as Amazfit Zenbuds, you are not allowed to play music of your choice. You can only play the music from the app, installed on your device to control your buds. The app is called Bose sleep application.
The application has its own library from where you can play nature sounds, and relaxing sounds as well. You can also escape from the sounds of traffic, noisy neighbors, and the snoring of your partner.

The earbud has its own memory, so you can transfer the tracks in the quantity of 10, to your bud memory from the buds application. In addition, you can add more tracks b using the app. The track plays directly from the bud.

In this bud, 14 different types of noise-masking tracks are available which extract the surrounding frequencies at night and then hide those frequencies under audio layers.
It is up to you what you choose from nature scapes and tranquilities. These are designed to lower stress and unwind yourself.

An alarm facility is also available in this product without interrupting your partner and you can also answer the call. The case and the bud together give you a battery life of 3 to 4 days after recharge. Bose Sleepbuds II is selling at the price of $249.

Concluding remarks

We will never influence you to buy any particular product. We only write our reviews about the products and we do affiliated marketing.
Personal opinions are more valuable for everyone, so read our guide and choose the best product according to your need and budget.


Which headphone is best while sleeping?

SleepPhones are sleeping headphones with a headband design. A patented headband design makes these AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classics lightweight, breathable, and hypoallergenic, so you can wear them all night long. With nearly 2500 reviews on Amazon, the design has proven popular.

Can you wear earbuds while sleeping?

Yes, you can wear earbuds while sleeping but they only dedicated products by design. Different products are available in the market but it is severe to wear and resulted in permanent health risks caused by ear damage. There are a number of side effects associated with being plugged in, including hearing loss, skin necrosis, and excessive earwax.

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