Oral-B Electric toothbrush problems

Oral-B Electric toothbrush problems. Problems are created every day, everywhere with everything. Everything has its kind of problems or complications.

Here the discussion is about the problems that occurred in the Oral-B electric toothbrushes. The basic problems of electric brushes are in detail below.

1. Head is stuck with handle:

This is the main problem that occurs with electric toothbrushes in that the heads get stuck with the handle. The reason behind this is not washing the head properly after using the brush. If we don’t wash the head properly the waste stick with bristles and the head is stuck with the handle.

The solution to this Oral-B electric toothbrush problem is:

Turn on your brush into the warm water for up to 1 minute to loosen the stuck head. If this doesn’t work, then try another time to remove it, it should be removed easily.

Don’t forget to wash the brush head after every single use to stay away from this problem. Read this article to find out the best Oral-B electric toothbrush according to your need.

Is your Oral-B electric toothbrush is blinking or flashing the light:

This is a common problem that keeps coming up in front of our eyes. This flashing is not the problem this is the functionality of the product but the users put this in the problems. The lights have their own meanings.

IF the white and green light is flashing it’s that the battery is in the process to charge and has not completed the charging to 100%.

The blinking of the Red light means that the battery is low and needs charging.

The solution to this electric toothbrush problem is:

Once the charging completes, the green light is turned off or it will start flashing and when you see the red light, then don’t get afraid, just put it back on the charging dock.

If your brush is stopped after the first use, don’t worry:

Most of the electric items when we bought them are not fully charged because the company charges them to last only a few minutes.

The same case is here in this product that the company only charges the brush that only lasts for a few minutes. So this is not such a big problem.

The solution to this problem is:

The best and the only solution to this problem is to charge or put your handle on the charging stand for a couple of hours before using the Oral-B toothbrush because using this you can maximize the capacity and the life of the battery for a long time.

The handle electric toothbrush is not turning on or not working:

Sometimes these kinds of problems occur like:

Jammed power button:

If the small amount of toothpaste or the waste stays around the power button and be a resident of that place, it’s mean that this can cause the button to stuck and not function properly as it is responsible for.

Metal shafts do not place properly:

If the metal shaft which comes outside from the handle is loose or it comes out from the handle, then it’s mean the problem is with the metal shaft.

Physical damage

If the brush got any physical damage, then it is possible that your brush doesn’t work properly because physical damage may increase the chances to get the water to the internal electronic chip, which also damages the mechanical functions of the handle.

Low battery and noisy

If the battery is low and the light is showing the indicator of low battery, then this is possible that the handle should not work properly before charging and if the noise comes or the sound like soft humming from the head is connected it’s mean it is damaged.

The Solutions to these electric toothbrush problems are:

The better and the best solution to the jammed button is to wash the button for 10 seconds in the warm water and then clean it with a slightly wet cloth and make sure that no scattered fragments rest there.

It is better to contact Oral-B warranty support in case of the loose metal shaft or broken shaft and for the issues by physical damage, to get better results.

If it is not working due to low charge make this possible to fully charge it before using and if the noisy sound hears then a fault has occurred and cannot be solved without contacting Oral-B warranty support.

Problems related to charging:

Problems related to charging are various in kind. These kinds of problems occur when the charger is not performing its duties perfectly. if the transmitting cable of the charger to the product is damaged then it will disturb the working.

If the charger got a short circuit then it is also possible that your product is not supporting that charger. It is also seen that sometimes in such a case, the charger doesn’t support the product.

In Oral-B products, these problems keep passing in front of eyes. The problem like the charger is not working, the product is not started charging.

The Solutions to these electric toothbrush problems are:

In these kinds of problems check these things before contacting the Oral-B warranty support.

Check the charging lights after placing the brush on the stand if the lights in the brush are blinking or flashing then charging is working perfectly.

If the light doesn’t start blinking or flashing, then leave it on the stand for 1 hour or more. This will possibly work for you. it will start charging in 15 minutes.

Check your power outlet or socket with another appliance if that socket is working properly then the problem is with your Oral-B product. If you found any problem then contact the warranty provider.

You can also check by changing your charger of the brush.

Is your electric toothbrush charger take a lot of time to charge?

Every electronics appliance has its own charging time some take too long time and some take a short time. in the case of an Oral-B electric toothbrush, this depends on the model of the electric toothbrush you are using. Some take up to 22 hours to charge fully or some take 13 to 15 hours to charge to 100%.

These chargers work with electromagnetic induction. So if you charge your brush on any metal it takes too long to charge 100%. The reason behind this is that metal surface influences about 15 to 20% induced current goes to waste.

The Solution to this electric toothbrush problem is:

The best solution to this problem is to use the non-metal surface to keep the charging stand to keep you free from the long charging time of your brush.

Burning smell or toothbrush is getting very hot changing shape:

These kinds of situations are very serious and severe in the case of any electronic appliance. Because it means that any of the parts are burning or near to burn or a short circuit occurs in the board.

Highly recommend not to use these electric toothbrushes of Oral-B in case of these problems. Because the severe results will have to face by the user.

The solution to this problem is:

The best solution to this problem is not to use the product and contact Oral-B support as soon as possible.

These were the most common problems that occurred while using these electric toothbrushes.

If you have any queries or questions regarding Oral-B electric toothbrush problems, you can write the questions in the comments section.

Brush your teeth twice a day to keep your teeth free from plaques and bacteria. It is also necessary to clean your teeth to look good.

How do I reset my Oral-B electric toothbrush?

Most electric toothbrushes users don’t know how they can easily reset their brushes. The method to reset your electric toothbrush is very simple. See the simple steps to reset your electric toothbrush.

Simply hold the on/off button until the brush stops moving. After turning it back on again, the Daily Clean mode will resume. You may easily reset the handle by holding the on/off button for only 10 seconds. As a result, all lights should double-blink simultaneously to indicate that the operation has been successful.

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