Top 3 smart bed and mattresses for a comfortable sleep

Top 3 smart beds and mattresses for a comfortable sleep. The use of smart beds or mattresses is increasing day by day to get the best sleeping experience but it is better to know first what is the smart bed? but the mattress is not a new invention, they had an old history of thousands of years, as stated in a case study of 2011, the first man-made bed was from the middle stone age and that was about 77 thousand years ago.

The history of humans expresses that they used every imaginary material to take comfort and the best resting experience. To sleep comfortably and keep themselves warm they used different materials like cow skins, feathers, and mostly cotton and wool.
The 19th century was the revolution of mattresses because the spring mattress industry had started the present mattress industry and now making billions.

Only a few new products were launched like memory foam and hybrid foams but the industry persisted dumb for some years.
The innovation using the dumb mattresses was amazing. The manufacturers used these dumb mattresses to cutting-edge sleeping technology that has to build a new industry of beds, the smart bed, and mattresses.

Definition of smart the mattress:

Smart mattress
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The smart mattress has no systemized definition, but it is used to define the mattresses which perform the smart operations. Smart operation means that these smart mattresses record and analyze your sleeping style, your sleep time, your deep sleep time, or how much time you wake up during your sleep and also improve your sleep.

The available mattresses in the market perform their functions in different ways, in which some of them track your duration of sleep, your breathing, and also measure the heart rate.

Some other enthusiastic functions of the smart mattress are:
they Control the heating or cooling temperature automatically and this function also called automatic climate control.
You can also connect the other smart devices with the mattress like lighting control, door locks, and thermostats.

Definition of smart bed:

smart bed
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As there is no clear definition of a smart mattress same is for a smart bed.
If you will search on the internet about the smart bed you will probably find the products, not the clear definition.

But the smart bed must have these all features or some of them.

  •  Tracks your sleep
  • Atmosphere control
  •  Smart structure technology
  • Anti-snoring
  • The smart device connectivity and IoT (internet of things)

What is IoT (internet of things)?

Internet of things
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The 21st century is the best time for technological advancements. Most countries are designing smart homes and these mattresses are connected through technology. The technology to make the bridge between these smart devices is the internet of things. This technology makes it possible to connect usual home devices to each other by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology.

The IoT-supported devices are mostly enabled through voice-assistant like google home. These devices granted you to give command through spoken words.

Here are the top 8 sleeping smart mattresses and smart beds.

Smart bed and smart mattress by EIGHT:

Smart bed and smart mattress by EIGHT
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The newly emerging and well-reputed manufacturer of these smart accessories is EIGHT.
This company makes a wide range of mattresses with built-in Eight sleep trackers, you can buy this mattress without a tracker. Its original name is Luna, the company was started in New York and the production in their factory was of the mattress cover, in January 2015.
Luna got instant fame in the people and complete the 1-month goal in just 6 hours and they raised a fund amount of over $1.2 million. In 2016 Eight decided to turn every bed into a smart bed and they also started a wide range of other smart products like pillows, sheets, and bedding.

EIGHT sleep tracker:

EIGHT sleep tracker

The Eight sleeping tracker uses the two piezoelectric sensors that are installed inside the mattress cover and they measure your heartbeat per second and breathing and the movement of your body.
Eight sleep tracker works on Ballistocardiography, a non-medical way to determine these values and are adopted by other manufacturers also.

Best sleep tracking:

Eight sleep trackers, not just measure our heart rate or breathing, this also scans the temperature of your room, level of noise in your room. These all sensors are attached to the cover of your mattress, and the hub of your data recording and analysis. For some analysis, data is uploaded to a cloud server.

Compatible with IFTTT:

Eight has wide compatibility with IFTTT which is if this then that, Alexa by Amazon, hue lighting by Philips, and a lot more. The promise of Eight about the future proof upgrades is that they will update their software from time to time and you will no need to buy a new cover for an upgrade.
You have no need to wear any more gadgets or any kind of sensor-based dress to measure these values, these sensors are installed in the cover and they automatically sense the values, one cover measures the two people’s data, so it is good for the couple to enjoy and record their sleep, control the lights and lock or unlock the door.

A warm bed and climate control:

Eight is selling products up to the mark but the best selling feature of this company is the heating bed feature.

This feature covers the 10 different temperature levels so you can set any of them according to your choice, the set temperature remains for 10 hours as you set the start and end time and after 10 hours it shut down.
As told you before that this bed measures the two-person data, the same as two persons can set different levels of temperature according to their mode. Eight is the best companion for your hot nights but does not provide you with any cooling system.

Smart bed by Eight:

Eight is popular by how they deliver the mattress, they deliver your order in a box “bed inbox” and serve you with a 100-night trial for a long comfort ensure. The available 5 sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and Cali King.
Eight is now increasing the range of their products to pillows, sheets, and other mattresses items for their trusted customers.

Smart bed by Sleep Number:

Smart bed by Sleep Number
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One of the best and most famous smart bed manufacturers from America is sleep number and also known as select comfort. It was established in 1987, and this was the first and the only company that introduces the adjustable frame of the bed.
They used air chamber technology and in the start, the beds were basically adjustable mattresses according to your need for comfort.

First bed with adjustable frame:

This was the first company that introduces the adjustable frame and until the full flourishing of their product, they didn’t start the manufacturing of beds. They started making beds in 2014 when they launched the first bed with an $8000 price. The name of the product was sleep number x12 bed. The price was so high because the added features were the latest.
The x12 was the only smart bed with the offering of a full blend of sleep trackers to observe your sleeping and suggestions related to sleep improvement.

Sleep number smart bed:

The latest products of sleep number are their wide range of 360 smart bed and their innovation series. Every bed or mattress with IQ technology is called a smart bed but here we only discuss the best product. The sleep number is a trademark product and pocket price bedding solution. They also deliver your order in a box and they give you a trial of 30 days. The starting price is $999 and goes up to $1399 for queen size and Cal king size respectively. You can order this product online.

Just change the mattress:

If you have an old bed in your use, you can only change the mattress and use the same bed. But if you have no bed then you can buy extra accessories for only $499. The bed has a built-in Active Comfort Technology which assures you that you can adjust the angle of firmness and this mattress also provide dual control which means that the bed partner can individually control his or her side according to the mood. 

Best product by select comfort 360 smart bed:

Best product by select comfort 360 smart bed
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This bed was launched in 2017, the latest models of this 360 smart bed are i7 and i10 and represent the best of smart technology of this company. The prices of both i7 and i10 are different, the starting price of the i7 is $3299 and the i10 had a price of $6900.

What is a 360 smart bed?                

The 360 bed is designed by using 3 layers which the first one is as per your choice, the 2nd layer consists of an actual mechanism to lift up and down your bed. The responsive air technology rests in 3rd layer where the chambers are installed and by adjusting of chambers you can get the desired angle of comfort.
The 3rd layer of the 360 smart bed in the i7 model is 5 inches with dual gel memory foam and 10 inches in the i10 model.

What is 360 smart bed?
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The responsive air technology makes tiny adjustments on its own.
One of the best features of the 360 smart bed is that it reads your sleeping routine very carefully and precisely started heating your foot placement on the bed and helps you to sleep more comfortably and faster.

This is not enough about the 360 smart bed, this also helps you at night because when you wake at night, the sensors detect your movements and if you want to go to the washroom or come down from your bed then the sensors turn on the lights which are pinned in the bottom of the bed and help you to find the way or see where you are going.


ReST smart bed for the medical sector:

ReST smart bed best for the medical sector:
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On number 3 the smart bed is from ReST but it is not much famous as the two upper described brands are but no doubt the ReST has a successful image in the sector of medical and some of the best and the advanced technological upgrades shows their expertise in the field of best smart bed manufacturing.

ReST is basically Responsive surface technology L.L.C, the ReST is a part of a well-reputed company called Patientech is a manufacturer of fabric for healthcare and also for the sports and sleep industry.
The concept behind the manufacturing of the ReST smart bed was an inspiration from the Patientech products, the bed was designed to increase comfort and to reduce the moving of the bed in case of paralyzed or for coma patients.

5 body zones by sleep number
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I want to quote the words said by the senior VP sales, Mr. Bryant Looper “The founder of ReST invented the sensor and he says that why you don’t move the bed instead of patient and why you pledge a nurse to move right or left the patient, after every 30 minutes”.
The ReST is an abbreviation of “Responsive Surface Technology” and a remarkable sensor, in actual that is made of fabric.

The ReST smart bed facilitates the person with high accuracy, by measuring the body pressure and the fabric also acts as a carbon-infused semiconductor and ignites about 2000 sensors for more accuracy.
When the sensors start reading, ReST automatically starts adjustments using the latest air advance system which observes your sleeping pattern and creates the best and effectual comfort levels for the person or patient.

Its function of auto-adjusting is like the sleep number in which the sleep number beds uses two auto-adjusting chambers from which one is punched at the bottom but ReST uses 5 individual air compartments that correlate with your body parts like head, shoulders, back, hips, and legs.

The ReST measures your comfort levels more precisely according to your personal preferences and this system builds the ReST, the best modular system.
This system is good because if a single part fails to work then the ReST will not replace the whole product they will only change that part.

Different modes of ReST:

You can operate ReST in 3 modes.

  • Manual mode
  • Auto position mode
  • Automatic mode

Manual mode:

The manual mode is totally controlled by the user and the user can adjust the 5 different zones available in the chamber of the bed. So the user can get the best comfort according to his or her problem.
For instance, if you are suffering from hip and shoulder pain or problem ten you can easily adjust the level at which you are comfortable.

Auto position mode:

In this mode, the mattress automatically senses how you take rest, on your back or on your side. Once, when your lock the setting off, the ReST will come over these and auto-adjust when you use this bed.

Automatic mode:

This mode is fully in the hand of technology and no need to give any command. The pinned 2000 sensor never stops finding the pressure points and as they find any point they make the small adjustments for real and you get the best comfort.

Best for Athletes:

Best for Athletes
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It is must to get rest after hard work or hard practice in any sport. The ReST supports the athletes in a professional way because when they suffer from injury they can get the best blood circulation and flow to an easy and fast recovery and also increases the level of oxygen for best rest.

If you have a back pain:

ReST was basically a medical sector bed manufacturer and their goal was the comfort of the patient.
ReST is the best choice if you have back pain. When a patient makes a move on the bed, the ReST smart mattress technology comes to respond and ensures the optimum angle of the spine from head to toe.

The tiny adjustments that are performed by  ReST, they all made in real-time, to get the best comfort. The ReST price for Twin XL is starting from $2600 and the California king size is available at $5600.

Personal preferences are more valuable then the suggestions by other. so it is up to you that which product you buy for your comfort sleep.

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