Toys To Keep Dog Busy While At Work

Pets are always important for pet lovers because they treat them like family members. They provide them a lot of facilities like comfortable rooms, beds, relaxing pads, crates, toys, and other things they need to pass a luxurious life. They keep their pet’s living areas clean and try to give them a fresh atmosphere.

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Some basic things:

If you are a pet lover, then you must need to know some basic things that are essential when you are bringing a baby in terms of a pet.

One more thing that is important to tell you that, must learn about how to keep a dog busy in a crate.
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The most loveable animal:

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In pets, the dog is a most loveable animal but always keep in mind that the dog is a den animal, what I mean to say is that the dog is a wild animal by nature. So don’t force your dog to do something that he or she won’t like or want to do at that time.

Let’s come to the main topic that is about the toys which can help you to keep your dog busy while you at work. Most things are available in the market to keep your dogs busy but toys play an important role to keep your dog busy.

These toys are really important to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. These toys grab the attention of your dog in the new provocations.

Toys according to their personality:

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It is not necessary that every dog can play with any toy because these toys vary according to the personality of your dog. The right choice of the right toy will result in the happiness of your dog.
The nature of the dog influences the choice of a toy.

The physically heavy dog likes the toys that help them to burn the calories. The jumpy or excited dog likes the toys that keep them energetic while the physically smart dogs try to keep themselves busy in a puzzle game.

As I described before that toys are not the only thing that makes your dog more efficient and more challenging.

Extra care by their lovers:

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Most pet lovers spare time for their dogs and other pets. They take them for a morning walk or some take them for an evening walk. Some play with them on their lawn or backyards. Some watch movies with their dogs to motivate them.

These all activities help your dog to keep intellectually challenging which is very important to keep them fresh and healthy.

Always do the extra care of your dog and save them from dangerous diseases like cancer and diarrhea. Use supplements that are boosted with omega-3 and probiotics.

A simple guide to buying the best suitable toys for your dog:

  1. You can buy the toys from any pet toys shop or you can order them online. Before buying a toy, keep these important points in your mind that the toy must fulfill the desire of your dog.
  2. The toy must be suitable for your dog’s nature and size.
  3. Toys that are available in the market comes with different size and shapes. So, be careful before buying a toy, physically or online.
  4. The size of the toy can be varying according to the specified size of the dog.
  5. No matter, which brand you are going to buy but see the brand’s size table and select the product according to the size of your dog.
  6. The type of toys varies according to their use. You will see that the toys used at home are different from the toys used in traveling.

Here we have elaborated on 11 different toys to keep your dog busy whether at home or while traveling. No matter, which one from the list you are willing to buy but these toys must help you to lower the anxiety of your dog and saves your property from being destroyed.

These toys also work with your dog’s attitude and manners.

1. The treat dispensing ball – best for the delay in gratification:

Image downloaded from zcpet
  • Best for fatty dogs.
  • Increase the difficulty level.
  • Suitable for both small and large size dogs.
  • Best choice dog lovers.
  • Increase the mental ability.
  • Not for long-duration play.
  • Can irritate your dog when the level of difficulty increases.

This toy is best for those who want to keep their dogs mentally fit and fresh. If you see the image of this toy, then you can easily understand that how it works.

Two-way response:

This toy is a two-way dog toy because the toy forces your dog to accept the challenge to roll the ball in such a direction that he or she can get the treat out from the ball.

Structure of this toy:

The structure of the ball is very simple. Ball has some compartments to giving your dog a more challenging scenario to get the treat out. There is a hole in the ball from where the food or treat comes out.
You can put more treats in the ball when it comes to an end.

Increase the difficulty level:

Once when your dog understands that how this ball works and how I can get the treat then bring your dog to the next level of difficulty to get the treat out. Use those compartments to increase the difficulty level of the ball.

Use dry dog food instead of treat:

image downloaded from fidospantry

It is not necessary to fill the ball with the special treat, if you want to keep your dog’s digestion system good then use the normal dry food to fill the ball instead of the special treat.

The normal dry food forces your dog to eat slowly and digest well. Slow eating and best digestion save your dog from being bloating.

Available sizes:

Two sizes for this product are available in the market. You can buy any size from the market according to your dog’s size.

Rating and reviews on amazon:

This product has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and other online shopping stores. The positive reviews telling us that this product really making puppy and their parents happy.

2. Puzzle brick dog toy filled with treats – best for Medium and small size dogs:

Image downloaded from cdn.shopify
  • Unique and challenging puzzle toy.
  • Best for small and medium-size dogs.
  • Easily washable.
  • 4.5 star on amazon in terms of rating.
  • More than 2100 positive reviews.
  • Not suitable for big size dogs because they can easily open the compartment and eaten up all the treats.

These new and challenging puzzle toys give your dog a new world of challenges. An image describes the best what’s inside.

How it works:

So if you take a look of then you can easily understand that there are compartments in which you put the treat.
When you offer your dog to play with this toy, now they get the sense to solve this puzzle.

Built structure of this puzzle:

The structure of this toy is simple and easy to setup. All compartments can easily overturn, conceal and smoothly glide from here and there.

You can easily put the treats under the overturn compartments or under the easy detachable puzzle pieces to make your dog more focusing on the mission to get the treat. These detachable compartments have a popped bone logo.

Hard but challenging:

This game is not easy for the dogs but it is challenging for them. This toy keeps your dog engaged for hours.

Easy to wash and clean:

Do not force you, but if you buy this product then you have ease to wash, dry and clean. The whole product is easy to clean and carry.
Sometimes due to the mixture of saliva and treat sticks on the puzzle board, so use the balmy water with soap liquid for washing the toy.

Not suitable for large size dogs:

We will not suggest this toy for large size dogs because they can easily turn over or find the treat. The recommendations are only for small and medium-size dogs. These recommendations are truly according to the user reviews.

Rating and reviews on amazon:

The rating of this product is very high on amazon as well as in the physical markets. You can say that a rating of 4.5 stars is up to the mark for a product. Practically speaking that more than positive reviews are on the internet.

3. Bob-A-Lot by Star Mark – Best for dog’s mental activities:

Image downloaded from cloudfront
  • Best training tool for your dog.
  • Rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon.
  • Mental stimulation.
  • Full of enjoyment and pleasure.
  • Best for dog’s mental satisfaction.
  • Not suitable for large size dogs.
  • Not suitable for traveling.

The Bob-A-Lot by Star Mark has different qualities that make this toy best for your dog.

Mental stimulation:

This product really helps your dog when you want to engage your dog in such an activity that is full of enjoyment and pleasure. This toy increases your dog’s mental ability to discover more food or treats for him.

Spur the hunting ability:

This toy works best to boost up the natural hunting power as well as search for food. When your dog is mentally stimulated by this product then this helps you to keep your properties safe.
This product helps your dog to eat food during these physical activities.

Interesting play:

Interactive games are the real need of your dog. These games keep your dog fit and healthy both mentally and physically. This Bob-A-Lot by Star Mark is a true treat for your dog. When your dog tries to find out the food or treat, this all leads to an interesting playoff.

Best training tool for your dog:

Image downloaded from petco

This product can be used as the best training tool for your dog. It is designed by professionally trained persons. This training tool helps to increase the effective connection between you and your dog and this also helps you to attain well-structured require conductions.

Available sizes:

The size of this product is good to hold the one-time food of your dog.
The product comes in small and large sizes.

Set the difficulty level:

As with other described products, you can increase the difficulty level of the product and make it more challenging for your dog. You can also customize the challenges.

Rating and reviews on amazon:

The rating of this product is very high. If you cross-check the data, you will find 4.4 stars on Amazon and more than 6000 positive reviews for this product.
All of the comments show that the product is best for your dog.

4. VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot – Best to keep your dog entertained:

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  • Best AI product to engage your dog.
  • Built-in tracking system.
  • Control through smart device application.
  • Price is high in comparison with other toys.
  • Need to charge after 4 hours use.

As the name of the product is describing that this is a robotic toy to keep your dog entertained. The Artificial intelligence robot provides your dog a busy schedule.
This product is designed especially for dogs to keep themselves engage when their parents are not at home. You can use this product also when you are at home.

How it works:

Image downloaded from nerdtechy

It works simply like the other dispensing products. You have to insert the treats in the toy and the dog plays with it to get the food or treat.
You can set dispensing of treats manually by using the dedicated application or can be done by clicking a touch button on your smart device.

In-built activity tracking system:

This product has its own in-built activity tracking system for your dog. You can track the activities that your dog is doing right now or which game he is playing with the robotic toy. You can use this toy for 4 hours continuously when you once charge 100%.

Command the toys through a dedicated smart application:

Image downloaded from nerdtechy

VARRAM has designed a smart device application that you can use through any smartphone or smart device. You can download this application from the Google play store for android and from the app store for IOS devices.

The application is fully developed and according to the user’s interest.
You can schedule the playtime or set the treat dispensing using this application when you are not home or away from your dog.

5.Tail Teaser Wand by Outward Hound – Best for indoor and outdoor use:

Image downloaded from i.insider
  • Great exercise for dogs.
  • Best suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Can be used indoors in bad weather conditions.
  • Best training tool for release commands.
  • Gives your dog a natural hunting drive.
  • Not suitable for traveling.

A tail teaser wand is the best toy for your dog to keep him engaged in different exercises. This seducing toy puts an effective impression on your dog to accept a more challenging environment.

Indoor and outdoor use:

his is the best toy to use indoor and outdoor. You can use it anywhere at any time you want. It looks like a fishing rod and you just have to spin the rope and the dog will chase the artificial puppy tied with the rope.
You can take this toy with you in the park to keep your dog physically and mentally fit.

The material used to make it:

Image downloaded from

A stick or rod is used to control the nylon cord. The nylon cord is made with bendable and long-lasting nylon. These nylon cord squeakers are attached to make this toy more interesting.

These squeakers are furry-tailed and they keep your dog coming back to play more. You can attach 2 or more squeakers at a time to increase the interest of your dog.

The attached fur toys come with the sound of being preyed on and activate the dog’s sense of natural hunting.


Always play in a safe environment with your dogs. The made material of all the parts of these toys is chewable and destructible. So, don’t leave your dog alone with the toys because they can bite in case of sound they produce, artificially.

It is easy for a dog to make chunks of these plush toys. Remove the toy if damaged and replace it with a new one.

6.Hide and Seek Squirrel for dogs – Best for dogs who love plush toys:

Image downloaded from hip2save
  • Sleek design.
  • Fun and entertainment for your dog.
  • not harmful for your dog.
  • More challenging.
  • Hunting exercise.
  • Not suitable for large size dogs.
  • Complicated in nature.

This hide-and-seek plush toy is highly supportive to increase the mental ability and keep your dog busy for a long time or keeps the boring away from your dog.

Sleek design:

The design of the toy is very interesting because when your dog plays with these squirrels they basically use their skill to solve the problem and use their energy in a positive way. Always supervise your dogs while they are in the play.

Fun for your dog:

This hide-and-seek squirrel plush toy is the best way to keep your dog engaged for a long time to enjoy their time. This product is like that a squirrel house in a tree.

So just put the squirrel inside the tree and fling it in the air. Now your dog is in the game and hunting is on the go.
There are 3 holes in the toy and you can put only 3 squirrels before you give it to your dog.

2-way react game:

Fling your soft dog toy in the air loaded with a plushy squirrel or just put that toy on the ground. You can keep these plushy toys out from the trunk and can start a new game a game of fetch.

So if your dog is smart and challenging then I am sure he will accept the challenge and love it.

More challenging and alluring:

If your dog has a boring personality, then this toy is best for him to make clever and smart. The squirrels are the natural prey for the dogs so when you put this toy in front of your dog then it is hard to resist himself.

Not harmful for your dog:

As the name is describing that the material is plushy, I mean to say softly.
So, this kind of material will not be harmful to a dog’s teeth and gums. This plush fabric is a super soft material and it is easy to wash and dry.

The softness of this product is a reason for fame. This is best for dogs and puppies.
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Rating and reviews on amazon:

This toy has a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon and has more than 10,000 positive reviews. The rating and reviews are telling us that the product trustable, in-budget, durable, and best for your dog.


Image downloaded from i.insider

Always play in a safe environment with your dogs. The made material of all the parts of these toys is chewable and destructible. So, don’t leave your dog alone with the toys because they can bite and it is easy for a dog to make chunks of these plush toys.

Remove the toy if damaged and replace it with a new one.
Not only the squirrel has to prey. You can also buy pandas, rainbows, and other birds. Bees are also available.

7.Snuffle Mat for dogs by Sniffiz – best trinket for smart dogs:

Image downloaded from amazon
  • Best mental education.
  • Safe and antiskid.
  • Increase the relationship strength between dog and parent.
  • Best for indoor use.
  • Challenging, but limited to the pockets.
  • Not good for aggressive dogs.

The mat for dogs comes with different puzzles and packets in it. The puzzles are 5 in total and the pockets are to hide the treat for your dog. You can use this as a blanket as well as the best puzzle game for your dog.

You are not with your dog every time so your pup can use this as a blanket after a long duration of hunting, sniffing, and digging also.

Best indoor activity:

This toy is best for indoor use. This game is the best training tool for you to train the dog. This toy increases the sniffing ability of your dog.

You can count this as the best tricky activity for your dog. This toy must lessen your dog’s anxiety about separation.

Feed your dog for a long time:

hen you hide treats in 5 dispensing pockets and the mat that is snuggly. This mat helps you to feed your dog slowly but with increasing interest.

You can maintain a long time feeding duration for your dog.
These toys keep your dog busy for a long time and would because of non-stop entertainment.

Best mental exercise for any dog’s breed:

As it is described before that there are puzzles or challenges to find out the treat or food. So when your dog pushes himself to find out the treat then this will be good for his mental education.

Make this puzzle more challenging for your dog to hide the treat different pockets and increase your dog’s mental abilities.

The treat as a bonding:

The bonding between you and your dog is very important because if the bonding is not good then your training may not work on your dog.

When you repeat the hide and seek process with him, then the bonding will naturally enhance between you and your dog. Play with your dog every day and strengthen the bonding by entertaining your dog.

You can also use the pet beds with this carpet for a more cozy feeling in the cold weather.
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The mat is safe and long-lasting:

The material used to make this mat is super-soft and imported. This mat is safe against skidding. Its bottom material is anti-skid, so no fear of slip on the floor.
It is also good for the big breeds. This mat is easily washable in the machine.

Rating stars on Amazon:

This product has 4.4 stars on Amazon that shows the fame of the product in a positive way.

8.BarkBone Stick with peanut flavor – Best plaything for aggressive breeds:

Image downloaded from meredithcorp
  • Best for tooth massage.
  • Best plaque remover for your dog.
  • Endless entertainment.
  • 3 sizes are available.
  • Mint and peanut flavor.
  • Not suitable for large size dogs or the dogs having weight above 90 lbs.

The shape of this product is like a real bone but this is not real. This bone is a chewable toy that comes in 2 flavors, mint and peanut butter. The under discussion toy is not edible but this toy fulfills your dog’s desire.

This barkbone is highly supportive for the gum massage of your dog and also helps in removing plaques. This toy is best to keep the better dental conditions of your dog.

A treat for aggressive dogs:

This toy is made from nylon and the best treat for your dog. The dogs are den animals or wild animals. So the bone gives them a natural taste of enjoyment.

This bone is charged with the flavor of peanut butter and looks like a stick. The mint flavor is also available and your dog will like this.

Lessen the devastating manners:

There are many shapes and flavors are available. The nylon is long-lasting and non-destructible. When the aggressive dogs chew the bone they get charged and fulfill the desire to chew or bite something.

No doubt chewing is very for both small and large dogs. This is the best massager for your dog tooth and plaque remover.

Your dog will never get bored:

As I told you before that the bone is the best massager, but not only the massager. This toy also decreases the boredom of your dog and keep’s him happy.

Different sizes of this product are available. The medium size is best suitable for dogs having weight up to 55 lbs. The large size of this toy is good for large size dogs.

A wide range is available:

Total 3 sizes are available and this is best suitable for the dogs that are 90 lbs.

Soft and durable:

Don’t worry about the fragmentation of the product because the product is highly durable and your dog cannot make the chunks of the toy. Nylon is soft and durable against breakage.

Only for pets:

This toy is made only for pets. Kindly keep it away from your children or other kids who play with the dog or live near him.
The material to make this product is not suitable for humans.

9.Automatic rolling smart ball – Best simulation for smart dogs:

Image downloaded from cool-mania
  • The best companion of your dog.
  • Rechargeable battery with USB connection.
  • Long battery life.
  • Smart obstacle reader.
  • Centrifugal rolling device.
  • Suitable for every size of the dog.
  • Indoor use only.
  • Didn’t work on the vinyl wood plank and thick carpets.

This toy is the best smart toy on our list. It is very easy to use for a dog. Its mechanism is very soft and simple, just push the ball and the ball will start rolling. There are led lights installed in it. Let’s take a deep look at it.

Best time spending miniature:

This toy is very useful for you when you are busy and no one there to take care of your dog. This is a rechargeable toy and made with non-toxic material. Due to the non-toxic material, your dog easily touches the tongue while rolling. This toy is anti grab and anti bite.

Rechargeable battery with a USB connection:

All of the electrical connections are safe and inside the ball. To charge the toy after the battery is discharged there is a USB connection and a USB cable is available in the box. All the connections are inside the ball so there is no fear of damage by your dog’s saliva or water.

Long battery life:

The battery lasts for 5 hours after a full charge. The toy takes 3 hours to reach the full charging notification. There is no auto turn-off system available in this product. You have to turn it on and off manually according to your dog’s need.

Best partner for your dog:

The installed led lights are not still, they blink and change colors. This blinking and the changing of colors make this toy more interesting for your dog and your dog remains engaged for a long time.

Self-rotating toy:

This self-rotating dog toy is very good for your dog’s health and this toy keeps moving your dog. This is best for indoor use. You can use it on any surface instead of thick carpet. When the interest in catching this ball increases in your dog then this resulted in more physical activity.

Push it manually:

Sometimes due to the resistance of floor material, the toy only rotates. So, don’t worry you can push it manually to make rotations on the floor.

Smart obstacle reader:

This rolling device is loaded with the best features. Normally, when your dog chases the ball it possible that the ball has gone through the wall, chair, or any other obstacles.

Image downloaded from alicdn

Centrifugal rolling gadget:

No problem, this toy comes with a built-in centrifugal technology which ensures that when the toy touches an obstacle its direction changes to a free obstacle area.

Rolling speed is normal:

Normally, the speed of this device is not too fast, the speed is normal and your dog can easily chase or play with it.

furry tail, cat feather can be attached:

You can attach other supporting material with like to make the toy more interesting. These additional increases the playtime and also increases the stamina of your dog for exercise.

Cautions before buying this model:

Make sure that you have a hard floor inside your home because this toy may not work well in thick carpets. This also not works on the vinyl wooden planks. So keep these conditions in your mind before buying this toy.

Some thoughts from the whole discussion:

The above-elaborated toys are the best toys in the market. A lot of other toys are also available in the market or online shops. Always choose the toy after research according to your need and your dog’s need.

Always keep in mind the size of your dog and the size of your toy. Ensures that the toy you are going to buy is best suitable for your dog.

Keep in mind the other things as well like price, customer reviews, its usage in terms of indoor or outdoor, carriage of the toy, washing, cleaning, drying, and the weight of your dog. Choose the toy according to your dog’s nature.

Personal perceptions are always at the top when you thought to buy anything. We are not forcing you to buy any particular product but we want to mention the best product for you.

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