What are the Characteristics of an Electric Toothbrush

What are the Characteristics of an Electric Toothbrush? Everyone in this world wants white teeth because white teeth are at the back of a good smile. The first toothbrush was invented in China with bristle hair in 1498. The rough textured boar (an animal similar to Pig) hairs were attached to a handle made up of bamboo or bone.

Ancient toothbrush

But in 1938, nylon bristles were made by a company named Dupont de Nemours and the product got the name of Doctor West’s miracle toothbrush. These toothbrushes were also called manual toothbrushes. The manual toothbrushes were now coming with plastic and fiber handles and approximately 40% of the population around the globe uses this.

As manual brushes are available in the market, electric toothbrushes are also in the market since 1937. The first electric brush was made by Tomlinson Moseley on December 13, 1937, a guy from the United States with the product name Motodent.

The next innovation in this electric brush was by a Switzerland resident Philippe Guy Woog in 1954 with the name of Broxodent. These days’ electric brushes are used approximately 58% around the globe. The characteristics of electric brushes are so attractive for any user. You can also check Electric toothbrush problems and their solutions.

The Characteristics of electric toothbrushes are:

  1. Design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Rechargeable battery
  4. Changeable heads
  5. Pressure sensor
  6. Easy removal of bacterial plaque
  7. Different cleaning actions
  8. Protection of Gingival tissues
  9. Effortless
  10. Easy reach to inaccessible areas
  11. Good for elders
  12. Good for disabled persons
  13. Brushing time indicator
  14. Motivation to youngers


With different designs, electric brushes are available in the market. The design is both mechanical and electrical. The mechanical function force the motor to rotate the brush head and electrical force make it possible to provide the current to the motor to rotate the brush head. Its rotational design clinically proved more helpful than the manual one.

Easy to use:

 These brushes are easy to use in comparison with manual brushes. Electric brushes provide cleaning actions for the user, whereas manual brushes need to move back and forth along your teeth.

Rechargeable battery:

 These modern electric brushes have rechargeable batteries which make them more reliable than manual brushes. The battery in these brushes normally ranges between 300 to 600 mah.

Changeable heads:

Best head to get white teeth
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In comparison with manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes have eased to change the heads of your brush. Heads are varying for every age; every electric brush head is not useful for everyone because the oral condition or the tooth condition of everyone is not the same.

So it is better to choose the best head to keep your tooth white and free from bacterial plaque, get a suggestion from your dental consultant, or ask your dental surgeon to prescribe an electric brush head according to your cavities and oral conditions.

Pressure sensor-Characteristics of Electric Toothbrush:

It is not good to put a lot of pressure on your teeth while brushing. When we use the manual toothbrush it is hard to impose the right pressure on teeth, but this is very easy when we use an electric toothbrush because the electric toothbrushes have pressure sensors. They indicate when the user puts pressure more than the need.

Easy removal of bacterial plaque:

 The best feature of Electric brushes is that they are very useful in the removal of bacterial plaque, it is just possible due to their vibrational motion produced by the motor installed in the handle of the brush. On the other hand, with the use of a manual toothbrush, it is not possible to get the perfect removal of plaque.

Different cleaning actions to get White teeth:

 Different shapes of electric brush heads are available in the market and those heads are used according to the need of the user prescribed by the Dental surgeon. Some of them are Precision Clean, Dual Clean, Floss Action, 3D whitening, and Trizone.

Protection of Gingival tissues:

protection of gingival tissues
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 Due to the specific design of the heads, these brushes provide protection against the gingival tissues which are so sensitive and can be damaged easily by using manual brushes.


 These brushes are effortless and use no manpower. They provide effortless tooth cleaning by the mechanical force generated by the motor installed in the handle of the electric brush.

Easy reach to inaccessible areas-Characteristics of Electric Toothbrush:

 As compared to manual brushes, these electric brushes are designed to reach inaccessible areas of jaws. Due to the large handle in comparison to manual brushes, it is easy to remove plaques from those areas where the manual brushes are not able to reach due to their design.

Good for elders to get White teeth:

 Electric brushes are good for the people who are in big ages, as the age grows up the working capability of the body get down. For those elder electric brushes are useful because they are easy to use no manpower required from the user.

Good for disabled persons:

Electric Toothbrush helps disabled in brushing
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 Here the word disable refers to the people who had any difficulty regarding moving their hands as rapid moves of hand required in the manual brushes. Electrical brushes are so much useful for that person who want to keep their teeth clean and free from plaques.

Brushing time indicator-Characteristics of Electric Toothbrush:

Electric Toothbrush time indicator
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 One of the most attractive and most useful features of an electric brush is the brushing time indicator. This indicator indicates the user after every 30 seconds while brushing and provide the time of 2 minutes for brushing in total because brushing more than 2 minutes is harmful to the health of teeth.

Motivation to youngers to get White teeth:

 At a younger age, most kids don’t keep into account brushing their teeth. But with the use of electric brushes now the brushing of teeth is also fun for the kids and this is also safe for the kids. Using electric brushes for kids is the best way to keep the teeth clean and from plaques that are harmful to kids when they come out from their childhood.

Electric Toothbrush Motivation to Youngers
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In the end, whatever the type of brush we use in our daily routine life but make sure to brush your teeth. Specifically, after every meal or two times a day with a good quality toothpaste. Because this is the most effective way to maintain the good health of your teeth. This also saves you from the origination. It also saves you from maturation of the major oral diseases. People are using electric toothbrushes worldwide and with the changing of lifestyle, the usage of the manual toothbrush is reducing.

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