What are the Common Health Issues of American Bullies

What are the Common Health Issues of American Bullies? The American bullies are large size breeds and due to this large size, they mostly face some health issues which we are going to discuss here. It doesn’t mean that these issues cannot be prevented. They can prevent by using a proper and quantified diet and exercise. Sometimes it seems to be a big problem that what to feed your bully that should be pure and healthy.

Let’s start and discuss the common health issues of American bullies that the bullies mostly experience.

Diabetes and Mellitus

Diabetes is a common health issue of humans and Bullies are also suffering from this health issue. This issue mostly happens when your dog is unable to make glucose in the body due to the deficiency of insulin. The American bullies have 2 types of Diabetes

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2

Diabetes of Type 1 Health issues of American Bullies:

The first type of diabetes is mostly caused by genetic issues and must need proper medication to manage it.

Diabetes of Type 2 Health issues of American Bullies:

The second type of diabetes in American bullies is caused by an uneven and improper diet. This can be cured and even reversed by a healthier and more nutritional diet.

In addition, If your American bully is suffering from diabetes then this issue surely affects your dog’s weight in terms of weight loss.¬† The long term diabetes may cause kidney and liver damage and, heart issues as well. In severe cases, it may cause death. Consequently, always manage their diet in an extreme manner.

Your vet can guide you the best and help you to make the correct dosage of the medication and will advise you on the proper diet. In other words, buy dog food that is usually lower in carbohydrates, a nominal quantity of protein, and balanced healthy fat. In conclusion, provide the omega fatty acids, magnesium, and glucosamine to your American bully to save them from these health issues.


Gastroenteritis. This health issue is the most common health issue that is found in American bullies. In this issue, bully dogs face common digestive issues. Firstly, It causes inflammation or irritation in their stomach and intestines. Secondly, The root causes for this issue are multiple, like viruses, cancer, and mostly due to allergies.

It is important to keep a proper eye on your dog and see the changes occurring in your bully. Immediately contact your vet if your dog is vomiting because vomit is a sign of diarrhea. If it remains more than 24 hours then it could be lethargic or bloat. These all can lead your American bully to severe health conditions or dehydration or, ileus.

Gastroenteritis is also caused by viruses. You must have to manage chronic conditions with the usage of a proper and balanced diet and by using supplements. Do not use soy, wheat, and corn in their diet. These ingredients may cause big inflammations in the American bullies.

Allergies from Food

The American bully breed is not normally prone to allergies from the environment where they are living or from the food they are eating. However, it is not very common but they still have some sensitivities and allergies.

The most ordinary allergies from the food they mostly have are due to the continuity of proteins found in chicken, pork, and soy. In short, if you found your dog with an itchy coat or skin, water in the eyes, or red-rimmed eyes. Moreover, if they are coughing and vomiting then they have an allergy to food. So must consult with the vet for confirmation.

It is not very difficult to manage and save your bully from food allergies. Many dog meals for American bullies have a limited quantity of ingredients that support allergies. They eliminate these allergens before and produce a balanced diet for bullies.

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