What Can I Give My Dog For a Cold

What Can I Give My Dog For a Cold? It’s that time of year when the colds and chills come out to play! Biting winds, dropping temperatures, icy sidewalks. Just like us, animals can also be at risk of catching something nasty too, particularly in the winter months! Dogs are exposed to germs just like we are and they’re often kept indoors with no protection from weather or people carrying cold. However – just like us humans, dogs have a much higher resilience factor than most other creatures. They don’t let it get them down and bounce back quickly as long as they get a bit of rest.

There are a few ways we can help make everyday life a bit easier with owning a dog. When it comes to helping dogs get relief from colds, there are natural options that can be used temporarily to save us both the hassle of taking them to the vet or even worse. Let’s take a look at the article and discover What Can I Give My Dog For a Cold.

The use of a humidifier can be helpful

Just like people, dogs can get stuffy noses when the air is thick. Placing a humidifier in your dog’s sleeping room is an easy solution to this problem. Or you need to humidify your dog by running hot showers and baths for them. Dogs generally love steam, so if you don’t have a humidifier put their bathtub in their room.

Keep the dog’s Environment Clean

It’s vital to wash down the toys, blankets, and food and water dishes every day to lessen your dog’s exposure to bacteria. One should also give their pet a new bundle of food and water each day even if there is still some from the previous one left over to stop germs from building up.

Ensure a long rest time if Your Dog Has a Cold

Don’t get your dog tired out during the heat waves! Your pet needs fresh water and a comfy spot in the shade that’s away from direct sunlight where he can recover from any tiring event. Make sure that he’s getting enough rest, too. If your pet is restless, take him for a leisurely stroll around the block. So he can cool off without overexerting himself excessively.

Don’t allow other dogs to come near

Dogs can be affected by some human colds. Unless you want to give a whole house full of dogs the sniffles. Keep your dog away from any other dogs or pets. Dogs also tend to pass on common ailments just like we do. So if you wouldn’t want your coworkers sneezing in your general direction and infecting everyone else at the office (or petting your cute-as-a-button puppy, which is never cool anyway), then keep them strictly off people’s hands and paws in public places. 

Increase the Quantity of fluids

What Can I Give My Dog For a Cold? Avoiding dehydration is important in helping your pup recover. Drinking water will also help keep the nasal fluid thin so it’s easier for him to breathe. If your dog isn’t drinking, you can try tempting him with low sodium chicken soup with brown rice and vegetables.

Give him plenty of food

Plenty of nutritious food is essential for recovery – make sure you’re providing your dog with plenty of chicken and brown rice. Many dogs may not want to eat if they can no longer smell good, so try microwaving the food a little before giving it to them.

Many dogs suffer from common colds and can get better on their own by just giving them some love and a good diet. But in case their symptoms do not go away, you should consult with a veterinarian. It’s important to know that many seemingly harmless dog ailments are actually a sign of kennel cough (bordetella) which is an infection that spreads from animal to animal easily.

If your dog does not respond positively to treatment for what seems like the common cold, it could lead to pneumonia so it’s imperative you contact your family veterinarian right away. As with any living thing, you should always take your dog to the vet when they’re sick. Some conditions may seem like a mere inconvenience at first, but if left untreated could become more severe or even potentially terminal.

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