What do I Feed My American Bully Puppy

What do I Feed My American Bully Puppy? Here we will answer this question that is mostly asked by the bully pappy parents. In the market of dogs food, most of the companies are making food specifically for American bullies to meet their nutritional aspects. Choose the best and the most healthy diet for your Bully puppy-like raw meat, full of protein and vitamin supplements.

How much food should I give to my American Bully puppy:

Weight (lbs.) Growth & Reproduction
20 – 30 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 cups
30 – 40 1 3/4 – 2 1/4 cups
40 – 60 2 1/4 – 3 cups
60 – 80 3 – 3 1/2 cups

Here now we will discuss some foods and see how much those foods are healthy for your American bully puppy.

Is Rice a healthy food for a bully puppy:

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American bullies like rice if they are cooked. They like a mix of varieties of brown and white. Brown rice is a very rich source of fiber and proteins and these make them a healthier diet for the long term. It is a portion of good food, especially for those bullies who suffer from stomach problems.

Is Raw Meat healthier for your American bully pup:

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I think this is the best practice. Raw meat is the only source of dog food and we recommend it to every bully owner. Most of the owners mix a small amount of raw meat with dry dog food. But according to my research, it is not good to mix with dry dog food, and will never recommend it. In the raw diet, there is everything that your dog needs to gain their full development.

What quantity of Milk should be sufficient for the bully puppies:

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The small quantity of milk on an occasional basis is a big reward for your bully puppy. It is a safe and healthy diet for your dog. You can feed them a few tablespoons of milk at a special time whether it is of cow or goat. In conclusion, use fewer quantities to keep him safe from overindulgence. in addition, I want to say that also use less quantity of beverages because they are high in fat and sugars.

How many Eggs are healthful for your bully:

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Yes, bully puppies can eat eggs and the eggs are 100% safe and healthy for your puppy. The eggs are really helpful for dogs in cancer prevention. These are mostly used to keep your dog safe from cancer and other diseases as well. Eggs are a big source to give your dog nutritious food. Eggs are basically high in protein, vitamins, and fatty acids. These fatty acids support your puppy to be strong from in and out. Not only the eggs are healthier for them, but the chicken is also good for them.

Read this article to know the nutritious benefits of pumpkin.

Is Banana healthier for your American bully puppy:

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Banana is a great source of vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and potassium. In fact, most pet veterinarians recommend the banana as a healthy alternative to fatty and salty treats. Always feed them a moderate quantity of bananas because bananas have a lot of sugar. Banana is a great product to increase the weight of your puppy. It is mostly used for gaining weight.

Can American Bully puppy eat Bread:

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The answer to this question is “YES”. You can feed bread to your American bully but in a moderate quantity. Dogs can eat bread and it is as safe as for humans. The wheat and plain bread are normally safe for your dogs and much safe for your American bully puppy. These bread do not cause allergies and stomach diseases.

The embedded article will tell you about the things which you do not feed your dog.


You can feed all these listed food to your American Bully puppy but keep in mind that quantity must be under the limit. Do not exceed the quantities of the food. Choose the quantity of the food according to their weight given in the chart above. To know more write in the comment box or contact your vet.

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