What is the Best PoE Security Camera System

What is the best PoE security camera system? This is a question from everywhere but doesn’t worry you are at the right place. Here is a guide for you that tells you about the best PoE camera system.

As criminal activities are increasing everywhere, day by day. Some are looking towards the security companies to deploy a guard at their homes or offices while on the other hand smart life lovers are looking for security cameras to safe their homes and offices, but according to their need When robbers go for robbery, normally they didn’t leave a single clue for the police to trace them to arrest them. Sometimes these crimes are hard to solve.

If you file insurance of your office equipment or home accessories, don’t think that all process is easy.
How to connect, how to use, how to install, here are the answers in detail to all of our questions.

What are the main purposes of security cameras?

Security cameras are used to serve two main purposes.

First primary purpose:

First is that they are like an obstacle because when a robber or thief understood that they are under the eye of the security camera, most of them turn their faces elsewhere. If the cameras are installed in a sequence, then it is easy for the police to catch that thief or robber because they have been captured by the camera.

The second primary purpose of security cameras:

The second main purpose of the camera is that you can get your robbed stuff back, how? In this time of modern technology, through security cameras, you can easily watch all ongoing robberies live.

You can call the cope right in time. That would be a better chance to prove yourself as a good citizen.

What is PoE?

What is PoE
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PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, cameras which use the PoE are best in performance and are trusted worldwide by the sellers and the customers. This PoE system uses the cat 6 or cat 5 Ethernet cables to transfer the electric current from the source to the camera.

What is cat 6 or cat 5?

Cat 5 and Cat 6
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A cat is a short form of Category, cat 6 or cat 5 cable represents the category of cable used in any project or task.

Main features:

The cable of category or cat 6 is capable of 250 MHz bandwidth capacity. It gives the user a speed of nearly 10 gigabytes per second or Gbps. Cat 6 is well suited with cat 5 or cat 5e. The Cat 6 cable is mostly used for computer networking where the data limit of transfer reached up to 1 GB.

Deeply understand the cat6 cable by reading our article on What Is Cat6 Cable Used For.

Let’s come back to our main article.
The PoE system makes the whole procedure of installation easy in terms of that you have to need only one cable to run the camera. Let’s take a look at the best PoE security camera system.

PoE 4k security camera system for home or business by Reolink:

PoE 4k security camera system for home or business by Reolink
Image form survileincevideo

Reolink is a top manufacturer of security cameras. The best and the top-ranked security cameras are Eco, the go, and on the top is Argus 2. The PoE security camera by Reolink comes along with a solitary control system and allows you to connect the 4 cameras at a time. The size of these cameras is very smart the length is only 7.4 inches while the square facing is only 2.4 inches. The weight of the product is only 1 pound. The hardware that is related to the installation is embedded in the kit.

Easy to use and install:

The pinning or fitting process is very easy. Select the desired location to install the camera, punch the holes according to the holes in the camera base plate in the wall or ceiling then screwed the camera. It is ready to use now.

Body Structure of the camera:

Body structure of Reolink PoE camera
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The whole is body is made up of aluminum in white color. The upper body is fully coated with a powder that gives the camera an appeal and proof against weather. The metal housing is ip66 which means the housing is waterproof. These cameras are not called hidden cameras. No problem if the camera submerged in the water shortly. The lens of the camera is large in size and visibility is clear that providing you an exceptional restraint result.


Design of reolink PoE security camera
Image from 123securityproducts

To control the all functions of these cameras, a control station that comes in the package is somehow the size of the typical DVD player and the design of this control center device is smooth and gives you a glossy look with a black finish.

Easy connectivity with smart devices:

To transfer the video from the DVD player size device to any other device that supports the USB connectivity there are USB ports in are pinned on the front. The buttons to control the operations are also available on the front of the device. Available buttons are not to perform every operation because a Reolink application to control all operations is available for the android and IOS platforms that are free of cost.

What comes with the package:

What comes with the package
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With the cameras and the camera’s control device or unit, you can get 4 connecting cables that are 18 meters (60 feet) in length. These cables are ready to use, these make the whole process speedier and trouble-free. It is not necessary that the given length of the cable fulfills your need, so it is easy to extend the cable not more than 330 feet.

What the warranty covers:

There is an official 2- years warranty that Reolink provides to every user. The warranty fully protects your product and you can return back the product from where you have purchased that.

No, ask policy:

The company will not ask any questions and gives you the money back. If you find that the product doesn’t fulfill your needs, you can send it back and the company will take it with a smile.

Analysis of Video Quality on PoE camera:

The Reolink security camera provides you with the best video quality as the name indicates. The output of the camera is 4k which is ultra HD video. The resolution that the camera gives you is about 3840 x 2160 pixels.

If you are using indoor:

The video quality result varies according to where you are using the camera. If you are using that camera indoors then the results would be so good. If police watch the video of the robbery, then police have no need to take samples of the nose hair for more identification. What I mean to say is that the quality shows a great image and the person can be easily recognized from the video.

If you are using outdoor:

If you are using this Reolink PoE security camera outdoor then the 4k has an exceptional result in terms of video quality. It is very easy to read your car number plates or license plates from a prolonged distance. So the 4k video gives you an opportunity to provide a good piece of evidence in case of any criminal activity.

Night Vision:

Night vision reolink
Image from gadgeteer

This shows the image in black and white, not in the green color as others claimed night vision but the generated image at night is razor-edged and crunchy. In every Reolink security camera, 18 infrared LEDs are provided for lighting the ring and covers the clear range of 100 ft.

The storage and the connectivity:

As it is discussed before about the application to perform most of the operations, here is a detail of the application. The app is called a Reolink application and you can download it from the android or IOS app store, easily.

Qr Code to download reolink  application
Image from supportrelink

The app allows the user to watch the video anytime and no matters where you are. But it is necessary that the user and the camera must be connected with a proper internet connection, if the camera is not connected with a Wi-Fi connection then you cannot see the live video on the app.

If you have a huge storage media to store the older videos, then you can watch the oldest one through the app by the playback option that is given in the application. The typical DVD player size control box gives you the whole day recording without missing a millisecond recording.

If you are using a single camera instead of 4, then the total of 2 terabytes of storage is sufficient for the recording of approximately 20 days. If you want to keep the videos for a long duration to playback, then you have to extend the storage media up to 4 terabytes. So by extending the size of storage you can store the videos for the day’s limit of 60.

If you are using 4 cameras instead of 1 then keep in mind that you will get only 15 days’ video recording, individually.

Reolink storage
Image from neweggimages

4K PoE camera system for security by OOSSXX:

4K PoE camera system for security by OOSSXX:
Image from walmartimages

You will not find such a big difference in both the Reolink and the under-discussion OOSSXX 4k PoE Security system.

What you get in the box:

The items in the box are similar to the Reolink PoE security camera system. You will get 4 pcs of 4k camera and a control box to command the operations. 18-meter-long cables are also provided in the box to connect the camera on the go.

The body structure of the OOSSXX camera system:

The body of this camera is made up of aluminum which is an alloy and totally safe against rust. This material is highly durable in comparison with plastic-made bodies. They come with a shape of cylinders called cylindrical design. The dimensions of the body are slimmer than the Reolink security camera. The diameter of the body is 3 inches while the length of the body is 6 inches.

The body is IP67 certified which means that the body is water and dustproof and the bracket to mount the camera in the wall or ceiling a 3 axis mounting base plate is attached.

How it looks like:

When you look at this product the very first time, you will get the feeling of a robot because the lens that is installed in this camera looks like a human eye. To keep the night vision clear 3 led lights of 850 nm are pinned in the camera and light sensors are also available in this product. To keep the camera safe against glare and dust, a hood is here on the camera.

OOSSXX looks like
Image from cdnshopify

Everything for fitting is available in the box, so you have no worry to find or buy any tool to install the camera. The control box is typical and no such operations can be performed from the box. All the operations can be performed through the application that is developed by the OOSSXX.

Warranty includes:

The warranty includes the free replacements of parts of the box and the camera. 1-year warranty from the manufacturer is available and you can also get lifetime support in terms of technical issues if you face hardware or software.

What quality of video you will get:

The OOSSXX PoE camera also made the video in 4k which is an HD recording. You can see the objects and read the license plates of the car from a long distance. An effective night vision is offered with this camera but the doesn’t show the view in green light. It will show the black and white video image but more clear and sharper than the other night vision cameras that show the video in green light.

But the black and white night vision of Reolink cannot compete because the quality is much higher than the OOSSXX.

In-built microphone:

An in-built microphone is punched in the camera, so you can easily hear the audio conversation or sounds and can easily understand what is going on during the criminal or any other activity. But the microphone is not to communicate, it is only to hear from the other side where the camera is installed.

Eseecloud application by OOSSXX:

Eseecloud app is developed by OOSSXX to control the entire functions of this 4k PoE security cam.

The application can be downloaded easily from Apple’s app store or Google’s play store. Just download the app, install it and make a pair with your camera control box and use them. You can easily access the old videos or the live view but you must have an internet connection on both sides, on the mobile as well as on the camera control box.

Eseecloud app for OOSSXX PoE security cameras
Image from google

The camera has a motion sensor; I mean to say that if the camera detects a movement then the control box will notify you through the push notifications. As the camera detects the movement, the notification will be on your smart device. In addition, you can get the notifications on the email and you can turn off these notifications if you don’t want them.

Storage capacity:

The storage that is provided by the manufacturer is 6 Terabytes. In this storage, you can store or record the video for 60 days. If you divide the total number of cameras which are 4 on total video recording days which are 60 then you can get that how many days are dedicated to a single camera to store the video. For one camera 15 days are allotted.

It is up to you how you record the video, if you record the video full time with the motor detector setting then you cannot save a sufficient amount of storage and if you run the recording with motion detection then you can save a lot. You can also expand the number of cameras because the box has a capacity or channels to use 8 cameras. So if you want to protect a large area then this is PoE security camera system is beneficial and useful.

Hornbill 4k power on Ethernet camera system for best security:

4K PoE camera system for security by OOSSXX:
Image from google

The Hornbill also provides a camera system of 4 cameras. As the OOSSXX has a quality of extending the number of cameras up to 8 the same quality is available in the Hornbill security camera. You can buy more cameras separately because the box only contains 4 nos. The box is very strong in durability and has enough connectivity.

In this camera system, you can attach input devices like a keyboard and mouse through the given USB ports. But the typical saying about this security camera system is that most people command and control the operations through the smart application.

Slim body and compact structure:

Hornbill PoE security camera body and structure
Image from ubuy.cr

The design of this camera system is sleeker than the last two that we have discussed above. Their shape is like a cone and they also called conical shape cameras. The lenses and other camera hardware components are safe in the aluminum casing that is highly durable. With IP67 certification, these cameras are water and dust-proof and can easily be installed outside.

It gives you the light sensor of 100 ft night vision and the camera automatically switches from day to night vision and vice versa. The lens is 4mm and the given angle is 112.7 degrees. 18-meter ready-to-use cable makes the cameras more impressive and you can extend the cable up to 330 ft. The benefit of the long connecting cable is that you have an easy approach to any area you want to monitor.


The manufacturer gives you a warranty of 2 years and also provides you the money-back guarantee of 60 days without asking any question.

Video quality:

Hornbill PoE security camera video quality
Image from nerdtechy

As the last two PoE security camera systems, this also records and stores the video in 4k quality. The wide-angle lenses are used to cover the maximum area which is about 153 degrees This camera control box has an option to extend the number of cameras but its wide-angle lens makes it possible to cover the wide area and saves you from the extra expenses in terms of buying cameras and installation charges.

One thing to keep in mind while installing the wide-angle camera is that the more the wide-angle the less detail you get. But in the 4k recording feature forget this because this is not a serious matter. You can easily watch any visible object from a distance of 100 feet at night because the night mode is so powerful as the day mode.

The connectivity app:

The application that is used to control the operations is Guard viewer. This application is available on both the Apple App Store and Google play store. You can download the application without paying any cost and watch the live video as well as control the different operations of the camera.

Guard viewer application
Image from google

To watch the live stream and to perform the operations you must need a proper internet connection whether the WI-FI or cellular. So by using the app you can easily watch what is going on in the office and near or in the house.

Allocated space in the box for storing the media:

The dedicated storage that comes in the box is 2 terabytes. In the case of four cameras, you can store the recording of 5 days for each camera. Overall this storage is sufficient for 20 days of video recording. If you need more capacity to record more then you can easily extend the storage size by installing a new unit of the 3.5-inch hard drive.

If you install the extended hard drive of 10 Terabytes, then you can get the video storage of 100 days and 25 days in the case of each camera.

Concluding verdict

Let’s conclude the discussion on the running topic and make a verdict separately for each product. A lot of security cameras are in the market but which one is best? But we will make the verdict about the three which we have discussed earlier.

PoE 4k security camera system for home or business by Reolink:

is the best option for businesses. These are also the best choice for your garage and back yards. In the box, you get the warning stickers to intimate the thieves that do not enter this place or you are in the eye range of the camera.

The Reolink PoE 4k camera night vision is not in green color but instead of black and white. It gives you the best night vision experience. Don’t worry when you buy this camera because not a single detail can be missed.

4K PoE camera system for security by OOSSXX:

comes with high-end features like push notifications, and a fully functioned and user-friendly application. It makes alerts when detects a motion and sent push notifications. So there is no chance to miss a single event. This system gives you the ease to extend your number of cameras up to 8. By extending the number of cameras you can easily monitor a large area.

This system also has night vision and that is black and white as the Reolink security camera system. But the outcome or result of night vision is not sharper or clear than Reolink.

Hornbill 4k power on Ethernet camera system for the best security:

of your home and the businesses. No doubt, this system is the best option for those who want to cover a large area. The cameras are designed by using a wide-angle lens. As the OOSSXX security camera system, you can also extend the number of cameras to cover or monitor. Extension in storage size is also available up to 10 terabytes.

The warranty is very strong in terms of the claim. Because it is of 2 years in total and 60 days of money-back authentication without any question. But the lag which we find is that the wide-angle misses details from the end round. In any decision, personal perceptions and personal opinions are always at the top. But read the article carefully to choose the best PoE Security camera system for your home and business.

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